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Snorkels for outboards

Greetings all

I stuffed my boat recently and during the stuffing and recovery the engine was completely submerged a few times.

I would appreciate any advice any one has about the subject of fitting some sort of snorkel to an outbouard that could possible stretch to the A Frame thus giving the engine a better chance in an immersion.

Any ideas
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I reckon if you are deep enough for the whole engine to be under that you to need the extra metre or so that the 'A' frame will give you, then you'll need to buy a submarine!

You really need to be deep in the green stuff to get it in the o/board intakes, so whilst stuffing does happen (as you (& most of us) have found), the best policy is slow down and pick your way through the waves. Or not be out in it.

Anyway, you have Yams and if you are going to play in the rough stuff, that is what I'd want.

IMHO only.

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dont the RNLI do something intresting on there engines allowing them to be restarted even after they have been flipped, hence the inflating bag on the "A Frame " to right after a roll

the last one i looked at had 1 way valves on the exhaust ports and some other bits and bobs

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I reckon your outboard obviously did a good job anyway - wonder how well a 4 stroke would have coped???

If an outboard can keep running after this sort of treatment then they should be ok most of the time.

I think you need to be more concerned about fuel tank breathers etc.

With an inboard a snorkel may be more viable but it would be harder to rig up for an outboard.

In other words if it ain't broke then don't fix it!!!
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wonder how well a 4 stroke would have coped???
I used to do a lot of Trail riding . One day i was out with a load of mates and we drowned 3 bikes in a river , right under .
Mine a 2 stroke the other 2 were 4 strokes .

We drained the carbs on all the bikes , lifted them up to empty the exhausts and the 4 strokes fired up after a few spins .
My 2 stroke had to have the plug removed and spun over (bumped in gear ) for ages to empty the crankcase . It needed 2 furthar plug cleans before it started . Later that same day it siezed solid and a mechanic told me it was due to the main bearings being washed out and then starved of oil while pumping out the water and re starting it.

I was surprised at the 4 strokes but when you think about it a 4 stroke can only take water above the piston , so draining the water from the carb is all it needs .
The two stroke fills the crankcase and cant easily get rid of the water , if its salt water it must be worse .

have also seen both go under revving hard and thats a major rebuild job .
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