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Different fuel tanks available ???

A few years ago , my buddy made a special fuel tank that hung on the side of the transom and did not "get in the way". Was wondering on the forums ideas/comments as I have often moved the tank forward when alone in the boat for better weight distribution. I am about to buy a new rib/15hp combo and was wondering about the fuel tank options available that make sense.

Paul jj
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There were some plastic n or u shaped "Transom "tanks on the market a few years ago that hung on the transom ,

Apart from the usual standard plastic/metal tanks that come with the engine there's the Bladder / Flexi tanks in 3 main shapes
a triangular shaped bow tank Zodiac make them & are used on the lifeguard that fit right up in the bow
Square/ rectangular shaped ones & the long sausage ones that the mod and Rnli use on d class boats that lay down along the inside of the sponsons
down side is the Flexi/bladder types are they are expensive and eventually with age can start weeping or sweating out fuel.

I am in the process of converting a standard plastic 5 ltr car fuel can for use with my 4 stroke 8 hp just for very short trips saves taking a full size 20 ltr tank just for a few mins running still working on the 1/3 out 1/3 back and 1/3 rd reserve .
Just need to find an old type schrader innertube valve from a push bike for an air bleed screw .
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Originally Posted by m chappelow View Post
Just need to find an old type schrader innertube valve from a push bike for an air bleed screw .
If you ask at your local tyre place they will probably have some old inner tubes with a valve you could use. It'll save them disposing of them.
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