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Country: Australia
Town: Tasmania
Boat name: Bladerunner
Make: Stacer
Length: 5m +
Engine: Mariner 2005 75HP 2
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2005 Mariner 75HP 2Stroke Oil Injected Elec Start

Hey guys first time poster here. I HAVE A 4.74M stacer with a 2005 75HP Mariner 2 stroke oil injected electric start outboard. Been going great first 10 trips. Has started to have issues with starting cold, once started usually starts warm ok, but sometimes even then it can be a issue. Where it used to pretty much start straight away now it turns over for a long time, before starting if it is going to. When turning over it seems to almost kick in then stops ticking over and dies nothing, or goes to tick over and makes a horrible loud metallic clunk.
Always make sure fuel bulbs in fuel line are pumped up, choke on and a few revs to start.
I do a fair bit of trout fishing and slow idling for trolling and wondering if that may be oiling up the spark plugs, or had a similar issue with my old Tohatsu and that ended up being the coil.
What type and size / gap of spark plugs are needed for this motor? Remembering I am in Australia 😉
Any ideas/ help would be great.
Cheers from down under downunder. Tasmania
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Country: USA
Town: NorCal
Boat name: SHARKY
Make: AB
Length: 4m +
Engine: Honda BF75 & BF5
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Welcome to

Without being hands on it can be hard to diagnose. Is it rich or lean? Does opening the throttle when trying to start hot, help or hinder it's starting? Helps mean it is too rich. If no change, lightly spray starting fluid in and see if it helps. If yes it is lean. Could just be a carb adjustment. With our current emission fuels in the USA that use a lot of ethanol we are continuously having carb problems that require cleaning the jets and emulsion tubes more often than they used too.

First thing you need to do is pull the plugs and inspect them visually.
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Country: UK - England
Town: Billericay
Make: SR 5.4
Engine: Evenrude E-tec 90
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Try only using new fuel each time. Don't leave it standing for more than 1 month.

Carbs may be varnished up.

It does need the correct plugs.

As its oil injected then don't let it run out of fuel as it may dump a load of oil in the carbs gumming them up.
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