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Turning around a rib in water

Is it possible to turn around a 9m. rib with two big engines after it has flipped around?

(My idea about how to do it is to stand on one tube, pull the rib up aganst the wind, so that the wind will help you. Then 6 people will be pulling the rope attached to the other tube, and then it might turn back.
I have a white - river raft where we do this when the raft flips.)

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I used to be a raft guide in the Alps - we fliped our engineless rafts by attaching a flipping line to it and standing on the opposite tube as you described in grade 5 white water.

The Royal Marines flip 6m+ SIBs with ****ing great big engines on the transom by attaching a line for and aft then getting about five marines to stand on the opposite tube and pull it over.

Hope this helps ?

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I doubt you will be able to put the Scorpion of 8,5 metre bystanding on one side of the tubes, although you will have extra persones, you will need self righting tubes on the A-frame and the frame have to be specially made to accomodate it, I am sure Nick would make one for you as I understand he supply Scorpion with the tubes, at least Chris at Henshaw can definately make one for you.
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That's a mighty big RIB to self-right by just standing on the tubes just by pulling. I guess the safest way would be to fit a self-righting mechanism to the A frame like bogib suggests, best of luck with your solution though.

Andy G.
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I do not think you have a chance to right a 9 mtr rib on your own without the correct selfrighting equipment. As this matter is of concern to you perhaps you should also have your motors modified for post immersion start, just like the RNLI. The RNLI of course do a lot of training so know exactly what to do in such unfortunate situations. Will you know?
There is a good article by Dag Pike about selfrighting and you will find a copy on the Rib International web page. Suggest you look it up.

Perhaps you should ask yourself whether you really want selfrighting. Many ribsters go on long cruises without such equipment.

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No chance. On a smaller (6m ish) RIB it is possible although I believe you may have to deflate the tube you are pivoting on to help. On a 9m Scorpion? If you're upside down then be wearing a drysuit and an epirb cos all you could pray for would be a rescue chopper!

Of course you could fit self righting gear. Need a beefy A-frame to cope with the forces this entails. Never seen a Scorpion (or any other 9m RIB for that matter) with self righting gear. Not to say it doesnt exist of could not be bought given the right amount of money!
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stay in the pub if its that bad theres always another day
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Hi Martin,

Doesn't sound like a technique that's likely to succeed to me. Interestingly Enda O'Coineen had similar concerns before his transatlantic. If I remember correctly, he failed to turn his first boat successfully (5m Zodiac) using a similar technique to what you're planning, (and was subsequently rescued by the Royal Navy) but had self righting gear fitted his second transatlantic boat (5.5m Humber) and managed to recover successfully from a capsize.

You can get a copy of his book here:

Hope this helps,
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It is easier not to turn it over! Learn to use the boat safely before setting out, you will not regret it.
Alan P
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Self Righting Gear

A Self Righting Bag to suit a 9 metre RIB would normally have to have a cubic capacity of around 2 cubic metres, (depending on beam, engines, and height of "A" frame) and an approximate cost would be 850 plus VAT. The CO2 system which would include a 5kg filled CO2 bottle, firing head and hose for connection to inlet valve on bag would add another 400.
Chris Hornidge
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Well, this is one thing i have lots of experience of!!.
Ive been doing for the last two years with some new engines we are developing for the RNLI/MoD.
And yes that is the right way to do it and its surprisingly easy to do.
But it would be quite hard on a big rib but you can do it if you have enough people.
I would show you some pictures of me rolling some RIbs but i dont know how to put them on this web site!!

Drive it like you stole it!
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