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Tucking her up for Christmas

Hello all,

We are new to all this and bought our beautiful girl a couple of months ago (as a pre-winter bargain). We've had the engine serviced and winterised now, but were wondering what else needs to be done to tuck her up for winter? Ideally, it would be nice to store her in the spare room, but that's just not going to happen! What should we do with the tubes? They're hypalon, but I read something about silicon sprays somewehere - or is that for PVC tubes? So far we've deflated them slightly to take the pressure off the seams, but that's it. Doesn't seem enough somehow. We want to make maximum effort now to avoid maximum disappointment in the spring. Any advice would be massively helpful.

Also, we're looking for cheap but good insurance as well. Any recommendations? We want fully comp, but also want the trailer to be insured as well for any (cross fingers that there won't be) potential towing disasters. So far the cheapest quote we've had has been well over 200 quid.

Thank you.

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I'm with It's quick and easy to do, and it's quite competative.

Not sure about the tubes; you could of course keep them inflated and use your boat on those lovely crisp sunny winter days

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Towing insurance can be got through the AA I think it's about 70 Kwid and in conjunction with the Caravan Club. I keep meaning to do it and keep forgetting and keep on wishing I had when te trailer breaks down. It's not a question of if the trailer goes wrong but when( IMHO)

Mardon, Navgators and General and Porthcawl all seems to be good brokers. I use Porthcawl cos the guy that runs it is a ribber!

re storage of the boat is it outside and if so does it have a cover!

welcome to the Forum by the way
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Bollyfish and Izzyfish are you co-owners? You seem to have similar 'handles' and the same boat!

As you also seem to be in Pompey why don't you come along to the monthly Nasher's boaty drinks at the Churchillian (top of Portsdown Hill) and ask peeps stuff you need to know? Quite a few knowledgeable boaters pop in and tend to give free advice (although the quality may be gradually inversely proportionate to the quantity imbibed )

The next one should be on Monday 13th.

Happy New Resolutions!!! : RIBbing for the craic!!!
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"imbibed" that's a new word I havn't heard of before!

Insurance companies can be found in the back of boaty magazines, just had my renewal from Porthcawl and was significantly higher than last years even with an increased discount. So will be going for Craftinsure which only quoted £175, that includes road accident, 3rd party, theft, underwater damage to £1500 and personal liablity.

As for tubes, just cover them up with a large heavy duty lorry tarp, you don't really need to defate because the colder weather will do that for you.

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The most common cause of disappointment come the spring at the marina we use seems to be electrical. So I would suggest removing the batteries check the electrolyte level if they are not sealed ones then I store ours in the garage and every week or so plug them into the battery charger to keep them charged.
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Its not your bloody grandmother you are talking about!!!, Its a bit of expensive plastic .Leave the tubes slightly inflated, DISCONNECT the battery
Drain the tanks and ensure all bilge tanks are EMPTY.Remove all GPS and Radar sets
Put a cover over it.
It can be left like that outside - if you are happy with security. Trailer,-put it on mounts and RELEASE handbrake- provided wheels are blocked.

Good god its worse than taking care of a women. ( no sexist remark intended)

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Thanks for suggestions

Hi all,

Thanks very much for all the suggestions. We'll check out those insurance companies and get sorted. We're a husband and wife team, so you were right about the co-ownership! And thanks very much for the invite to the Churchillian. I've got a Christmas do that day but as long as neither of us are too worse for wear, we'll trudge up the hill and meet you all for a quiet beer....and then a maybe a few loud ones.

Thanks for the grandmother comment - I work for the Navy so I was being ironic!!!!! Thanks very much for your winter-tips though. All good stuff.
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Still being a newcomer to ribbing, my only thought about winterising a boat on the South Coast, is why? Look at today, glorious weather. Best thing about this time of year is the Solent isn't jam packed with hazards all hoisting a large sail.. Even if your confined to the harbour, it's still better than nothing.
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I am constantly amazed by the difference between the different insurance contracts offered. Have you considered itemising your requirements and supplying full details of same and the boat to all the insurers before asking for a quote. Make sure to give loads of detail up front. At claim stage the insurers cannot say you didn't let them know.I have often found out that on reciept of the policy there were unacceptable conditions.

Each of us will have our own requirements and so do insurers.

Maybe there is merit in having a guide page for rib insurance?


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