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Originally Posted by jessy1616bike View Post
hi all,i have a 2.8 avon with a ridged hull with a honda 5hp 4stroke (2007).....should it plane?cheers rob
I think this could be marginal. Is it the Avon Rover with a flat internal floor, which is quite a heavy boat?

Our 3.1m Zodiac will easily plane with just me on board. That's with 6HP 4 stroke but using nowhere near full throttle. Our rig is quite a lot lighter though, the boat is nearly 20kg lighter than the Avon Rover, the engine a couple of kg lighter, and I weigh less than you as well.

Now our engine's run in and I can use full throttle, our rig will just plane two-up but its very slow to get there. I have the engine raised with a 1" spacer on the transom and it could probably do with going a bit higher. I need to try different tilt settings.

Tony S

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as said by JONO most small outboards will plane ,but the pumps are small and if there is any wear on the impeller or pump or the intake gets covered by a bit of weed or a plaggy bag then you will have problems ,also most dont have themostats,the old 4hp johnsons /eveinrude were prone to overheating when planing for long periods,some can even start to overheat owing to the boat planeing too high up and leaving the pump dry if having to have a lot of weight forward .with 2strokes at 100/1 oil mix if the engine does overheat theres not going to be much oil present . the mariner 4hp seem ok planing for long periods as our club sec and i went on a 5 mile trip along the coast few weeks back with no probs and he left me standing ,

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Originally Posted by Jono Garton View Post
Hi Steve

I don't think there are officially "planing engines" and "non planning engines" for me this is from personal experience and not a book. Is suppose the size of the water in let is the problem, at speed, not letting enough water in to keep the water pump happy. J S is the SIB planning expert may be he could comment further.

BTW the Puma Engine is performing well, although its not a tdi300. 6 speed box on the tdi300 would be great!

Ta - yes thinking about it, the water inlet on my 6 is quite small but as it is a long shaft I guess it should be well underwater on a SIB which might help

I agree - I need a set of Puma ratios on my 300Tdi 110
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hi guys,thanks for your thinking of buying a 8hp yamaha 2stroke.....will this do the job??? the avon i have has the fiberglass hull with a flat has a grey rubbing strake with a blue band runnig through middle...the avon logos are situated near the front on both sides...ore straps are inside the boat....does anyone know the model and approximate year?,cheers rob
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This is our Avon 2.80 rib which sounds slightly different from the one you are describing. It is a 1990 and back then we put a yam 8hp 2stroke on it.

We used it extensively as a tender for 3 years and it would plane with 2 adults totalling about 20 stone and various other bibs and bobs (water, fuel, snorkelling kit, shopping, grab box, anchor etc etc). Being so short a boat you need to get your weight well forward to get it up in the plane and only then move a little aft. You can see the loops on the tubes where the thwart attaches (not the ones right aft which are for the oar stowage) and we would both be pretty well sitting on that and strech back to reach the tiller. It was interesting if there was any chop.

We now have a Yam 8hp 4 stroke to put on it and it would plane with one adult and 2x 11yr olds but again would need to have the weight well forward to get it going.

At one stage I was thinking of looking at the prop pitch but we donít use it much now so it isnít worth the effort.

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