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Why are RIBs more fun?

It's been said that RIBs are more fun (than sportsboats), and kids love them. I agree. Why is that? Some reasons:

1. Low freeboard, i.e. you're close to the water. My kids love hanging over the side at low speed, trying to touch buoys, generally getting wet. With sportsboats the water is more remote, somewhere "down there", and you can't do this so easily.

2. Soft inflatable sides (!). You can't hurt yourself on them. Climbing/jumping into and out of the water is both easier and more fun. You can bounce.

3. Moderate waves can be enjoyed with confidence. Bobbing up and down is a lot of fun. It's less fun if you think your boat is at risk.

4. RIBs are generally lighter than sportsboats, easier to manhandle in the water, which may matter when you're trying to land on a beach. Kids like to land on beaches.

There must be more.

By the way, my kids are 2, 4, and 6 years old. I'm happy that they're safe enough. (You need to be sure they'll still be safe enough if conditions deteriorate.)


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Hi folks

Have to agree with Charles, Simion etc about kids.
We also have had many boats and the kids have always been part of it from about 6 months to now when ones ten and the other 6, and they both love boating

We have also had yacths (to slow to get anywhere, kids get board), power boats (fast but you cant go far in case the weather turns bad) and now have out third RIB on order.

Like Alan and other say it depends on what you want.
We drew up a list of things to consider and put a score against each item for each boat type, and having kids saftey was very high on our list. We wanted to be sure if we do do a trip and the weather get bad we may not be comfortable but we would be safe, after all you are putting all your eggs in the one basket !!. But again we went for a RIB again.

Also whan looking at RIB's I am not sure thin tapered tubes are the way to go. At RIBEX we tried the Humber 6.5 with 120HP TDI, tapered tubes and got soaked, went out in the 7.0 Humber with raised bow, big tubes and never got a drop of water inboard.
Tapered tubes may look nice but if its gets rough i know which i would want to be in. Even if you wont sink the RIB, a facefull of seawater every wave may be fun at first but I dont think if would be fun for the hundreth time, especially for the kids.

For us its important that everyone is enjoying themselves, the kids need to like it and not just be there because the parent want to play. We think one of the best ways to put a kid of boating for life is scare them to death. What is fun for a adult may be really scare a kid. And this is the reason why we went for RIB's again and have a bigger RIB on order as we belive you can do far more in a RIB, be safe and not scare the kids to death.
Like people say crossing the channel may be be for everyone but if you do and it gets rough being in a sports boat would really scare me let alone the kids.

As far as cubbys go I like the idea it gives the kids (wife ) somewhere to go if they get cold and wet. Have a look at Ocean RIBS not sure what the RIB's are like but they do a nice inboard diesel with nice cubby for about £35k.

But after having tried them all, we are all, kids included hooked on RIB's.

Regards Gary

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Hi Julian
This was my 6.5 Hysucat.
Seats 7. I was not enamoured with the bench seats, OK for in the bay, but hopeless for cruising.
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.....and this was her bigger sister, the 8.5 Trident (Hysucat)
Comfortable seating for 9 people.
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Originally posted by Flanker
I used both during my commando training and have had the pleasure of travelling at excessive speeds on both in war situations .

I always knew it was rough in Bromley!!

What with dbillyboy throwing ribs out of aeroplanes, perhaps this site should be renamed Kennetts Private Army!! (Retd.)

David (pacifist) Manning.
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IS that the 8.5 that jonny boys had for sale????

How did it compaire to the 6.5????

was there foils on it???
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Originally posted by Garygee
now have out third RIB on order.

Ok Gary don't keep us in suspense, what have you orderered?
(Apols if I've missed this from somewhere else!)

Alan (W not P)
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This is what I like about this Forum, I'me getting the hang of it now!

Anyway as far as 'Baby's' go, as I said before it would be totally irresponsible to take them out on a RIB, if you do that especially with a baby seat then you whoever you are, as far as I am concerned commiting a criminal act. You never know what could happen and the baby could be lost in seconds. What right do you have to put a baby's life at risk for self satisfaction? Selfish foolish, immature, daft (well more than that) is all I could say. I guess these people are the ones who drive with baby's loose in a car, we have all seen them, and there will always be them, idiots.

Children a bit older, well that's another matter (I like the photo's of the smart kids by the way), with the correct environment and experience, why not.

As far as my baby is concerned, I am responsible and I make the choice, correctly I hope.

I won't go on too much as it seems that some people on here haven't got an attention span longer than a couple of lines.

As far as the photo of the tiny children on the RIB, I think you know my feelings. And as for you Batfalcon, shame on you if you endorse that, I think I know what category I'm going to place you in!. What do others think, kids aged about 18mths with no life jackets lying on the tubes of a RIB? Get real.

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Originally posted by Charles
What a load of TOSH! My 3 kids were brought up on ribs, my youngest was 3 months old when she started ribbing!
Have to agree with you Charles. I was at the recent start of the Around Alone singel-handed-round-the-world yacht race from Brixham with Magellan Alpha. On board was Meghean, wife of one the competitors, Brad Van Liew, and with her was her 6-month old baby Tate Magellan Van L. It was pretty bouncy but the baby loved it....
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Mike G
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A rib is the boat i would chose for bad weather. U don't want to be in a cabin no way. Pluss a rib is a far more versitile boat

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