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Originally posted by DJL
if practicle, to have a radar reflector fitted.
They use the word "practicible" as in "if possible", making it a bit of a grey area....

If the rules were enforceable, then surely they would say that you have to fit a reflector. Mind you, I can't imagine what reason you could use for not being able to fit one.

When I used to run a Sunseeker as a charter boat, the rules were that we had to have a reflector onboard, we carried a "flatpack" reflector that we kept under the forward berth cushion!

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I've got a 'flatpack' type reflector under the seat that Dirk mentions - so OK in the eyes of the MCA but i came very close to buying one of those you can cable-tie to the A-Frame at the boat show, about 30. Is the general opinion this is a complete waste of 30 because i was thinking of going back to get one tommorow (2nd visit to the LBS )???

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MBM reviewed various types about 12 months ago. From memory most of them did not perform very well. I'll see if I can find it.....

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My cousin is a design engineer in Radar for GEC, about 15 years ago I asked him how you could confuse a radar speed gun. His answer was to but some wire wool in the Hubcaps as the wire wool has a high radar signature.

Bearing this in mind I reckon a a sealed tube filled with Wire wool might just do the job. This is not a recomendation just a theory so please don't try it at home yet

It might be worh on one of the next gatherings/poker runs/Biboas havin a group of like minded people trying out the solutions and see how they work. We would obviously need somebody who's boat had a radar.

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what av i started ere then.
still none the wiser ,definettly a grey area to say the least.. dont fancy breaking down mid channel and getting flattend by a super tanker though,

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In my experience larger ships don't routinely monitor the radar except when the need it for navigation or in really poor viz. They tend to set an alarm for proximity and respond when it goes off. This may be Ok but I doubt whether a RR equipped RIB would have a strong enough return against clutter to trigger it.
large ships in open water also have a disturbing tendency to not look out the window either and have a habit of running down small craft or even as shown last year, hitting islands 50miles off course or hitting submerged wrecks with guard boats!

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