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Having been a MOB I would say it's bloody scary and would want the motor off unless it's unusual circumstances....
That said I can't remember much other than wanting nothing else in the world other than to be back on board so I don't recall whether the motor was off or not??

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As a diver and now more a boathandler for divers I have only ever operated the "engine on all day" dogma without question, this thread is interesting, as mentioned a boathandler will routinely leave the engine on and disconnect from the killcord. I have also accidentally smashed the detent/throttle lock it took a bit of doing, however as a guestimate a divers backside sitting on it if they overbalance should suffice.

Interestingly when we bought our boat surface mounted throttles were rejected (even though I did try and point out they were arguably safer than side mount) on the grounds of accidental knocking into gear, clearly no one thought of turning the engine off at this point. During this years boat handling I have had 2 ocasions when people have either moved past the throttle or grabbed the throttle accidentaly whilst under way.

The only other argument for engine on all the time might be being ready to react to an emergency imediately, though there are other factors and issues that could lose you the 3 to 4 seconds an engine start takes. I will be thinking carefully about this as our boat briefing needs an enema.

New boat is here, very happy!
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As with all these things common sense should help to dictate what you do. If you've just had someone go overboard, if you have a visual on them and are confident of getting them back on board quickly, then putting in a mayday can wait till you have them back on board. If on the other hand you've lost someone over board and you either can't see them or its obvious that they are in a bad way then the quicker you get on the blower the better.

As for switching off the engines, I do this as a matter of course when picking anyone up from the water.

Oh, once apon a time when running powerboat courses we started with using a tyre with a bouy attached then moved onto the students being the man overboard. I dare say that these days H & S will have killed this dead which is a shame, gave everyone proper experience of what it is like and also how difficult it can be to recover an inert body.
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We often recover dinghy sailors that have fallen out of their boat which has then drifted off or that are just too knackered to get back in,we always switch off unless near the surf line or somewhere dodgy but always pull them in over the side opposite the throttle lever, because they will grab anything to try and help pull themselves in and if they bend the gear lever out at ninety degrees sideways or pull it off it causes a bit of a problem!
Climbing up the transom using the cavitation plate is a good one if they're able and for fat ba***rds you can lift them in with the power tilt. Engine off is a must for that one!

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