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Was out on Firth of Forth this weekend - good spring tides, so decided to go upstream. Aim to get to start of Forth/Clyde canal. There is a low bridge shortly before, and when approaching we all thought - no problems. Went through no problems - then a scream! We all turned round to see the radar on the A-frame only just miss the bridge - could only have been a couple of cm in it - doh! Can't believe it - with four of us on board, none of us thought of the A-frame - eijits!

As tide still rising, hastily sent crew to transom, and retreated back under bridge. Could have been a very expensive afternoon - and a bit embarrassing
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Originally Posted by willk View Post

To clarify, IIRC Nugent, you had a CR engine and a standard prop?

I once assisted someone fit hydraulic steering. I was the "bleed man" and he connected the pipework.

When we launched, the steering was reversed. We took it for a spin - it was like one of those clown's cars from the circus. Dangerous but very funny.

The whole engine was a counter rotation engine, and prop,
When connected to std control box it pulls cable forward to select forward gear , on a merc counter rotating box forward movement is reverse, cough lol

Was funny tho

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Trying to tie up to a mooring buoy with my cruiser for the 1st time and slipping off the tiny side deck.

Shame I was fully clothed and in front of the biggest trip boat on lake Windermere.

On the plus side I learnt that my new self inflating lifejacket worked but trying to get up the swim ladder fully clothed didnt
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Climbed aboard my mates anchored Beneteau with a line in my had to make fast, fine but unfortunately it wasn't attached to my 8m rib with proceeded to float off down the solent with no one on board - that was until I caught up with it swimming...........Doh!
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Originally Posted by nugent View Post
Was funny tho

It was.

I amused myself all day at the Moelfre lifeboat do, coming alongside other boats at right angles and then, at the last second, ramming the throttle forward.
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Years ago on the slip at warsash I was trying to start an old boat we had, standing in the water holding on to the boat, back and forth from the engine to the throttle down the side combing, one attempt it started up, in gear and was heading towards hamble point with me hanging on the side. Had an old marshal race boat with a 175hp mariner on it, the engine died once with the bow tank full of water, stuffed it so bad that the cushions floated away, only the floatations saved it from being a total loss
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Another culprit of a forgotten plug.
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Originally Posted by nugent View Post
I think me fitting counter rotating engine on my destroyer and not knowing till I chucked it in the sea ,

Has to be worth a good giggle , for the life of me it would not go of the trailer just lots of water bellowing up the transom , thought the prop bush was slipping

OK..Had an Old Flatacraft once and Drilled through the Hull fitting Pad eye's ...Sorted it with nice SS Blind Bolts Added....OBVIOUSLY 'For extra Strength!'
A clever Man learns by his mistakes..
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Throw the anchor over the side without it being tied to anything. Expensive but also comedy gold as I was being watched. What do you do but turn to your friends and say, let's drift instead. Cue my eldest - dad why did you throw the anchor away?
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Originally Posted by Seabay View Post
Another culprit of a forgotten plug.
Although when I did it, I launched, tied up alongside the pontoon whilst I parked the trailer only to find daughter running up to me shouting that the boat's filling with water. Mrs T was watching it with alarm from the pontoon but hadn't clocked the bung was in the well, tied on, just not inserted in the hole. Luckily there was no one else around to take the p***.

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