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Originally Posted by Bilge Rat
if its been stolen and they ask you "was there a wheel lock fitted" you're hardly likey to say no are you.

Ermm, like I said - a hard lesson learnt by some, so what more is there to say ....!!

On a serious note, some (maybe all?) insurance companies will expect you to produce some evidence of a suitable security device (eg keys, receipts, packaging, that sort of thing) so make sure you have something to hand would be my advice (or fit the real thing!!!).

Here's hoping we never have to find out for real.

Andy Beach

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the dealer that supplyed the boat used a well know insurance and they would not
pay due to not having the receipt for the said wheel clamp that was ment to be fitted you must have all receipt for locks and clamps fitted


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Hi Dan sorry to hear you have some thieving b------s down your way.Why don't you unbolt the tow hitch when you leave it,that would slow them down.Have you got a shotgun licence????.Leave your food onboard that way there going to need a serious tow vehicle to pull it.
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Mine now has 2 wheel locks, a hitch lock and is chained to one of the pillars holding up the building its in. added to that its impossible to tow the thing out of the drive without unhitching twice anyway it would take anyone about an hour to get it out of the drive.
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My Insurers incist on wheelclamp and connected to an immovable object, trouble is when the tape of Eastenders rewinds to start all over again the theives could strike rendering the policy useless .

But seriously, insurance is the only way to go. Meet the requirments, pay the money and DON'T get attached to your pride and joy, if you can!!
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Here's some ideas.

Trailer ground anchor. Think I might just make something similar but set it in concrete, then lock trailer to it with hitchlock or similar.

Another ground anchor. I'm getting a 4 wheel trailer, if I set this in a very large block of concrete under the axles it'll be a b****r for them to get to to cut! Again could be made easily. And if the block of concrete is big enough it'll lift the trailer off it's wheels if they manage to pull it out.

Budget tracking devices!

Do a search for security in the automotive section of ebay, lot's of ideas. Good luck!

"I'm not lost, I'm exploring...."
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And another

Security ring from Screwfix
Attached Images
File Type: bmp Ring.bmp (117.2 KB, 182 views)
Mark H
"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools" Douglas Adams
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Mark...thats about what you want, fit a ground anchor and chain the boat to the ground and fit a wheel lock, both will only act as a deterant anyway becuase if they really want it they will come prepared, trick is to make it as hard as possible for them to remove or gain access to your storage site, dedicated thieves take a lot of stopping, a friend of mine had his DSC stolen from inside his consoul whilst his boat overnighted in a secure boat compound, he has not got space for the DSC on the consoul so mounted it inside and gains access through a circular hatch, so from the outside the only real give away that he has DSC is the second antena on the A frame, they tageted his boat only and just took the DSC unit !! obvious suggestion is that someone knew what they were looking for and where to get it !!

Gona go home tonight and review my security
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I was contacted by someone from the forum regarding my security trackers, and I am here to offer any advice regarding them. You can see nearly all of the trackers that I have available for sale on eBay here:

There are 4 basic types that I do, and 3 types are currently listed on eBay.
  • Basic Tracker (Powered by 3AA Batteries)
  • Tracker & Bug (Powered by 3AA Batteries, with listening device)
  • Car Tracker (Powered by 12V DC via 2metre cable) (not currently on eBay)
  • Car Tracker & Bug, (Powered by 12V DC via 2metre cable with listening device)

The trackers use the mobile phone network (they use old mobile phone parts) to complete a trace, and hence require a mobile network in the area to be successful. Accuracy is dependent on the mobile network transceiver proximity, surrounding topology, and the mobile network itself. More information is available here: provided by a tracing service provider called Followus (

If you have any questions, please let me know (via the forum or at, and I will post answers on my website's FAQ section ( and here.

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I invited Dan to reply to this thread. Although he has only just joined and not set as a Ribnet commerical member

Guidelines for commercial posting

I thought his tracker device warranted further investigation. I am sure that if there is enough interest he may choose to register as a commerical member. In the meantime who fancies a sea trial of one of these things ?


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