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Under deck - so much nicer having the 150L tank in the Osprey that I can do half a dozen trips with, than the silly little console tank in the Humber which I had to fill up every time just to have a reasonable range if I did want to go far. And you get extra storage under the console if there is no tank there.

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If they are well made and fitted I would say problems with the tanks are unlikely. It is worth adding fuel conditioner to any fuel left stored for any length of time and decent fuel filters as others have said.
Also, as fuel prices only ever seem to go up, I find it is worth being able to store as much as you can!

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I've never had a boat with above deck tanks. It's never occurred to me to have portable tanks in anything but a v/small RIB or squidgy. As already mentioned, fit good filters (Racor with the clear bowls) Good housekeeping, fuel conditioner for winter storage (I use it year round) & you shouldn't have any problems, plus you gain valuable deck space/storage.
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Cheers for the answers, haven't got any further yet, hopefully getting a workshop to store/work on it so should make some progress over winter....
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to always be a problem with the underdeck tanks as they usually let water in and petrol out. On mine the problem was due to two things. Firstly the fuel sender units are made of different metal to the tanks and so corrode and leak. Secondly the fuel pick up in the tanks is not at the bottom so even if you run the tanks "dry" there is still about 20 litres of fuel / water left in the tank which can only be removed through the sender fixing.
ok its a specific boat...but it ain't always good under the boardwalk and if it goes wrong its a pain.
On a long run, with under deck or in the consol tanks, I would by preference also carry the portable tanks, and run on them first. Its so much easier when you get to a harbour/marina without a petrol pump. And up in God's own country that means all of them. Otherwise you are carrying jerry cans and I may as well run with sommat I can simply plug into the system and turn the changeover valve to them rather than try and pour fuel in whatever the conditions might be at the time.

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