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It also seems a bit(!) high. I generally figured on 1-1.5 lph tops at cruising speed on both my DS21 with 150 Opti and Blue Ice with her 200hp HPDI. Cruising speed being generally around 75% of WOT and of course very dependent on sea conditions. (e.g. driving in a bigger sea usually uses lot of throttle movement and burns more fuel.)

I did do some comparison a while back on petrol vs diesel (I think there are a number of threads on this subject if you search) as I know did Mike C who runs a humber/1.7 merc. The variables are how you are funding the boat e.g. cash, finance etc and your perspective on resale value. If a diesel boat has a higher initial purchase price and a higher resale value then the economics can work in you favour, but if you have to borrow lots to fund it then it all falls apart again. Its absolutely true that the monthly or upfront payment for the boat is a lot easier to stomach than buying vast quantities of Mr Esso's finest unleaded every time you go boating. Ask Nasher, he runs (IIRC) a Johnson 150 VRO, the thirstiest outboard known to man (been there done that). After that experience an Opti is pure joy!

The compelling case for diesel for UK/European cruising is not so much the red diesel concession but the availability of diesel waterside vs the very poor availability of petrol. Smokie needs to make that part of his thought process when spec'ing out a new boat for his cruising area.

For me, planning ahead to the time hopefully when I have a high speed powerboat for cruising the wilderness of Newfoundland, I have to make the same considerations. Waterside petrol is virtually unobtainable, waterside diesel is widely available (albeit in fishing boat sized quantities usually!). Fuel cost is virtually the same for either (about a third of UK domestic petrol). I suspect I will end up with outboard power and probably seriously consider twins given the many miles I might have to motor on an aux to get back to civilisation. Its an interesting conundrum to think about whilst I should be working!!

Out of the fog......
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My figures are based on journeys in open sea (eg Guernsey to Sark), where even on the calmest days, there can be a decent swell and a strong tide running through the passages. This must affect fuel economy as the engine is working harder in that sort of sea.

Don't even try to work it out for wakeboarding, all that stop start action. At least you go slow once you're on the plane!

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Originally Posted by JIY
Sorry to sidetrack this thread, but I'm a little stunned at the fuel consumption figures quoted here. My 8.5m Tornado with 250hp Yanmar burns just under 6gph marine diesel at 33 knots (that's a little under one litre/nautical mile), with 4 people aboard, a full 200 litre tank and slight/moderate seas. I reckon the boat weighs a little over 2 tonnes with this load.

Hi Jim,

I am equally surprised by some of the fuel consumption figures claimed by the diesel users. My, admittedly limited, experience indicates that a performance diesel boat uses more fuel that its petrol equivalent.

I was reminded today about a trip we did to the Class 1 powerboats at Plymouth last Summer. The Scorpion (with O/B Honda 225) and a Revenger 29 (with inboard Yanmar 300 diesel) met up close to Poole and cruised together to Dartmouth with similar fuel loads of approx 300 ltrs. When we left Dartmouth the Revenger was nearly empty and needed refuelling. The Scorp still had about 120 lites left.

Hardly scientific I know, but that's the way it was.



I miss the sound of an Etec in the morning
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