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Charles, my hand is up on that one

Peter (nick, nick) T

Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill! Bullshit and brilliance only come with age and experience.
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Originally posted by Charles
Right, own up.....who has launched their rib forgetting to put the bung in. I have!
sorry didnt stop to chat yesterday sir, saw you racing around, looking all nice. Then as I was catching up, off around Noirmont you go!

But not done the bnung thing on a rib, but on my first trip out in the cadets new laser sailing dingy. There we are full sail downwind, trying are damnest to get everything from her. Only to ponder what everyone had be moaning about that the boat was a right pig and uncontrollable. Then it dawned that not only was my backside considerably wet, but the stern was under!

Hence the next question, "Andy, did you put the pung in?", "errr, nope!"

all in the name of fun though

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I think every one has at some point or left the trunk down and forgotten about it!
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Gulty as Charged

Had the Hysucat 2 weeks, second launching, It felt Like a pig after a while.......... Then it dawned on me

I felt like such a dumb f**k I am glad I am not the only one......
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Right then, who owns a 47 foot gin palace. Yes, you Sir at the back, how many props have you got ?

Well if you want the other one back I have some divers ready to go and have a look in the Mixon hole for you.

Herd this afternoon on channel 16, which started with a May Day but quickly ended up as a tow into Chi when the owner confirmed he wasn't sinking afterall.

For those of you up North {and with flat caps} the Mixon off Selsey Bill is a reef that stretches for miles off shore were you can see the seagulls standing up even at high water. There is an inshore channel that looks like the M25 at weekends and its well sign posted, guess one owner decided that he new better than the charts, sign posts and other traffic.

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I love this thread!!!

It's starting to read like the 'confessional' section of Yachting Monthly, for those among you who read that august journal.

My own story is similar to Stuart, who started the thread, altho' he emerges with more credit than me!

Three weeks ago, first serious family outing - two children + me + my wife - lovely run up Beaulieu River, followed by hop over to Cowes for late lunch. I decide to fill up with fuel in Cowes (2 x removable tanks) before whacking back across to Hamble and home for supper.

Halfway across, engine starts refusing to give more than 1500 revs. She runs for 1 min at normal operating speed, then chokes and wheezes into a near cut-out. A brief inspection of the fuel connector, tank breather etc. reveals nothing wrong. She will run (very rough) at +/- 1500 rpm, and so we limp towards home at 5 knts. Thoroughly alarmed, with 2 anxious children and one even more anxious wife aboard, and in my complete lack of outboard experience, I call Seastart. They send an engineer, who doesn't come aboard but kindly escorts us into Hamble and back to base.

Next day, I arrange to meet the same engineer at the boat to check out carbs for water, seperators, fuel lines etc.

Within 20 seconds of inspecting tank installation, he very politely indicates that the second fuel tank is lying across the fuel line, and could this be the cause of the problem?


Anyway, no harm appears to have been done, and all has run sweetly on subsequent trips. A £30 call out fee will be the price of this salutory lesson in seamanship and independence!
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Stupid Things.......

I managed to do a stupid a few years ago - old Rib with old o/b - me in boat, mate in water holding boat steady, (2 - 3 ft deep), cowl off, making adjustments.
Darn thing roared into life - I fell onto flywheel and thought I had got an electric shock, cos it was just a big bang on the hand - jumped forward and killed engine. My mate (by some miracle the prop missed him) grabbed the boat and pulled us back in. He says 'You are bleeding' - look down and find half the nail and tip of ring finger gone (chewed off by flywheel). Not to be recommended! Sold that outfit and bought a new one (which won't start in gear) - nail and fingertip grew back eventually, but there is enough of a reminder to make me manually check whether in/out of gear now.
Moral - we remember the hard lessons!

Anyone else want to 'fess up to stupidity?
"Remember the Plug!"
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I am willing to bet that anyone who has ever frequently launched a rib from a trailer has forgotten to put the bung in at some stage - I certainly have on more than one occassion
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ive got a one way valve just behind where the bung goes in .

Good job too.....
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Becareful of those oneway valves there have been a few cases of them getting stuck. I can think of one cocky sod on a sailing reggatta who said he didn't need to put his boat to bed for the night etc.
It was very satisfying seeing the come upance of him spending an hour bailing out!

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