View Poll Results: Compulsory licensing and mandatory kill cords with fines for non compliance?
Compulsory licensing and mandatory kill cords with fines for non compliance 130 22.15%
Keep the current unregulated system with an emphasis on education 457 77.85%
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Originally Posted by paddlers View Post
I suspect many on here started at a young age with a cheap/borrowed boat either on the coast or as I did rivers & the Lake District. I used to waterski on Ullswater until they brought in the speed limit for free with no regulation in the 1980's then Windermere with the registration system but well policed by the wardens until they brought in the speed limits so that was that. For the last couple of years we've gone up to the Mull of Kintyre & my lads both 14 have a 3m plus sib with a hard deck, last year they had a 4.5hp Mercury this year a 15hp Mercury fitted with a kill cord. We also take a 17ft hardboat with a 135 on the back. It adds to the fun that we ALWAYS wear lifejackets, kill cords and have vhf/flares/drogue/anchors etc No amount of legislation will teach people common sense, I hope my kids when they are older & earning a few quid will be able to enjoy the freedoms I currently do & have done boating without being burdened by regulations. Safety first then enjoy !! By the way I do buy my boats/engines on ebay....
Paddlers - firstly great that the family are learning from a young age and have safety instilled from the start. Best way to learn.

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Originally Posted by GTEM19889 View Post
I do not think Kill cords are the answer. I think the answer is to have a spring loaded foot pedal throttle in a boat like a car has. I used to do powerboat racing and first raced in a hydroplane which had a spring loaded hand throttle. Later I moved onto a bigger boat that had a spring loaded foot throttle.
Just a thought
Maybe you should think about how a foot throttle would work with a jockey seat? I'm betting you were sitting in a bucket seat whilst using a foot throttle?

If you had a functioning kill cord what use would a foot throttle be?

Originally Posted by Zippy
When a boat looks that good who needs tubes!!!
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Throttles and seats

What about the seats that Cobra use? If he had been on a jockey seat he is far less likely to have fallen out.

I think a spring loaded hand throttle is a good idea too.
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Yes I agree with the introduction of registration and the mandatory usage of Kill Cords, although I do use mine all the time.
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Education not legislation !
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How about education and legislation?
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Looking at the recent incident I see an educated professional out for a day with his family, they seem to have had all the right kit on and the boat seemed well maintained with all the right gear. The kill chord was in place but not attached. I suspect it is more likely he slipped it off for a spot of lunch or something else and with human nature he forgot to re-fit it. I think we have all done this at some point and if you haven't then you are probably a liar.

Legislation cannot prevent these kind of accidents, It will just make them more expensive accidents.

IMHO and i am not experienced seaman I think the following may help.

1. A visual reminder on the dash be it a sticker or whatnot would help.
2. The boat and engine manufacturers should work together on a wireless immobilizer that if submerged or moved an x distance from boat or engine will kill it. It could easily be designed to need skin contact to work. (immobilizers have been on other vehicles/equipment for years). This will also cancel out the reasons some people are giving for not wanting to wear kill chords
3. A very basic one day course with a written exam focusing mostly on safety and basic rules of the road etc. And as the RNLI have the most first hand experience of the result on a lack of training they could design and run the courses and the money generated should go directly to them offering them additional revenue.
4. Life jackets or at the very least buoyancy aids compulsory on open boats while they are underway.
5. Magazines and advertisers should promote the safety aspect in the photos and adverts instead of babes in thongs lying on sun decks at 50 knots (and no i'm not gay)

I do not think heavy regulation will work. It will take away the freedom that most people enjoy.
a fool will always be a fool but we can at least try and make him/her an educated fool.
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RIBnet admin team
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Originally Posted by ssobol View Post
In my experience the people with the most disregard for the normal rules of society generally feel that said rules don't apply to them anyway due to an exaggerated sense of entitlement. As a result any legislated rule will be ignored by exactly the type of people it is intended to apply to.

Boaters who are responsible for their actions already do all the things any new legislation will require.

It's like to brouhaha about gun registration in the states right now. Responsible gun owners will register their guns. People who actually want a gun for nefarious purposes won't. So what exactly is being accomplished? (Other than the politicians trying to look busy.)

Ignoring the use of the emotive 'gun' word here (I bet someone can't!) I actually agree with this 100%.

A few years ago I was at the RBS/HBOS/ whatever acronym they were at the time executive christmas party. At the end of the party most of the 'executives' staggered into their cars and drove off, so pissed they were barely able to walk. I had to be physically held back from phoning the police.

We're NEVER going to get people like this to obey legislation.It 'doesn't apply to me,I'm a law abiding person'.They're just the demographic to go and buy a 300/600/900hp RIB on a whim and go nailing about without training or any form of clue. However, if they understand the dangers they're far more likely to wear a killcord/not act like a knob.

Note that what I've said above isn't a comment on the accident at the weekend.
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I voted to stay unregulated as we are because I believe we have to much regulation already. We all have to pay for regulation be it through higher taxes , new licences, compulsory courses etc. Less money in my pocket equals less fun on the water.
Do we really want to add to army "little hitlers" dictating what we can and cant do? This is a terrible tragic accident, I for one will never trust a kill cord wrapped round my wrist. It will always be round my leg or attached to my life jacket. Focus your regulation where the deaths are ....on the roads 1.2 million per year globally
Would you like salt and vinegar on that?
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Originally Posted by GeorgeR View Post
What about the seats that Cobra use? If he had been on a jockey seat he is far less likely to have fallen out.
I'm sorry but I would rather have a seat that gives some upper body stability. Jockey seats are only good for relatively low speed rough weather. Once you get much about 20 knots they are a liability unless you also use toe straps.

I have a suspicion that the reason jockey seats have become so prevalent in recent years is that they are cheap and easy for the boat builders to make.

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