View Poll Results: Compulsory licensing and mandatory kill cords with fines for non compliance?
Compulsory licensing and mandatory kill cords with fines for non compliance 130 22.15%
Keep the current unregulated system with an emphasis on education 457 77.85%
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Is it known whether the Cobra driver in Padstow had completed a Powerboat course or not? It's presumptuous to assume he was unlicensed. Kill cord switches have been known to fail and need regular checking. It's also possible that the kill cord was in use but failed to operate. Best wait for the result of the investigation to be published before expressing opinions or calling for legislation.

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For me it goes without saying you should wear a Kill cord.After something like Patstow there is always some self appointed "expert" shouting from on high (great spotlight for them) about rules and more rules,always someone wants to make a rule,till eventually after a long time,what George O wrote in Barnhill.................
Things at Sea always have happened,always will,if not one way then another.I would say the man who owned that Cobra was nobody's fool, but the sea is nobody's friend!.

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I think this poll should be broken down further on the questions. Mandatory licence to drive a powerboat should be a separate question to the mandatory kill cord.
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From my own experience of this type of knee-jerk legislation involving deer-stalking and bearing in mind it involves rifles which can throw a bullet five miles some of the most dangerous incidents have involved some of the most (paper) 'qualified' individuals !!!
A few people have got very wealthy giving courses & a lot of people consider themselves 'safe' having got a two day 'qualification'. It started as a voluntary course and became mandatory a few years back. Started off a few quid, now costs hundreds & they keep adding to it with new levels & more expense.
Do we really want this in what is basically a hobby that we can enjoy when we get the chance? By all means educate & encourage but once you start down the legislation route we're all buggered......
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This accident at Padstow hasn't yet been fully investigated, so there shouldn't be an uninformed kneejerk reaction.
Authority loves to regulate, because authority knows that if you throw in enough regulation, people will just give up on the activity.
To try and put a bit of perspective on it, this accident is sad, is tragic, and has made the populist headlines. Accidents involving private aircraft grab similar publicity. And yet: how many people are killed in car accidents daily? Driving and vehicle safety are both highly regulated and policed, but accidents still happen.
True, more people drive cars than drive boats, but regulation and licensing won't help. Only education and awareness will.
I come from a generation of people who grew up with freedom: I have messed about in boats since I was 9. I'm 66 now and still messing about in boats. As a young man, I didn't need insurance; nor did I need qualifications (I have both now); my boat didn't need a certificate of compliance............
And yet, I bet there were no more accidents 60 years ago than there are now in our regulated and restricted society.
Let's not let the powers that be tie our hands in reaction to one, albeit very sad, accident.
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Education - not legislation

I have a kayak. I have a rib capable of 35 knots.
I enjoy the freedom and lack of legislation they both give me equally but in different ways.
Believe it or not I consider I need to apply the same amount of common sense when using either boat.
From the huge range of comments I read on this subject one common factor seems to come through.
Everyone posting a response is capable of three things:
SHOWING COMMON SENSE AND COURTESY to all other water users
ENCOURAGING other water users to take advantage of specific training opportunities

I think, if we all make an extra effort to try and educate the people that so many posts simply refer to as idiots, we would be doing our bit to make the water a safer place for ourselves and others.
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I agree with some other members on here about the Poll questions, Ive voted for education rather than regulation and fines just because only two options, if I had the choice I would have voted for regulation in terms of needing to have say a PB2 qualification before being allowed to operate a leisure boat of a certain size or power but havnt thought of all the angles around the size or power question, it would also allow a non PB2 certfied person to drive the boat if the PB2 certified person was present. Would not effect commercial operators who allready have certain legislation to deal with.

So I think the poll questions wont give the desired clarity of view from users.

I would not be in favour of finning people not using a kill cord as in reality it would be unenforceable as there isnt the man power or the will to patrol the harbors and seas to acomplish that. When you think about tehre are speed limits in poole harbour for example and rules etc and no one is ever prosecuted for speeding. so point made.

As to mandatory use of the sticker ... second word is OFF and first word you can work out. I have a brain and can remember to tie something bright red thats dangling against my leg and flapping about. (just read last paragraph back, that sounds a tad oo er misses)

Anyway its good to talk about the issues im glad some people are trying to do something positive from a nasty incident so all the best.
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Thousand of lives have been saved by laws making safety belts compulsory in cars.
Kill cord is good practice and they who don't understand that might use it anyway if is made compulsory. Is for the safety of not just driver.

In last two years at least half a dozen accidents have occurred with ejection as result of chine tripping. In a number of these people were killed.

It likely that chine tripping can have caused even the last accident.

The kill cord wont prevent chine tripping or ejection but it will prevent boat from coming back to hit the ejected in the water.
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Originally Posted by Rokraider View Post
I think this poll should be broken down further on the questions. Mandatory licence to drive a powerboat should be a separate question to the mandatory kill cord.
It's a bit late now unfortunately and the mechanics of the poll mean that it'd skew the results as those that have already voted can't vote again.
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Once again the knee jerk society have already come up with the cause of the accident although the offical enquiry has not been completed.
The cost of living is getting out of hand and owning and running a boat is simply a very expensive luxury without having more red tape and taxes added to the cost.
There was a picture of the kill cord on the RIB involved in the accident, and it looked very stretched out to me, so perhaps there was a fault with the kill cord itself.
Leave it to the experts to sort out and find out what went wrong and stop jumping to ill conceived theories.
People who come up with these ideas are full of their own importance, They should disappear off to india or China and start implimenting heath and safety rules over there and see how far they get.

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