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Another alternative RIB exhibition?

As you probably know, it has been announced that RIBEX 2004 is to be held in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. From an earlier thread on RIBnet, this announcement didn't seem to be particularly popular. The fact that SeaWork are having a separate RIB section suggests that the industry may not be 100% behind a RIB show in Cowes.

I have been approached by a professional exhibition management company who have put together a plan for an alternative RIB show at a major south coast venue.

They would like some feedback from RIBnet members. Whether you are a potential visotor or a potential exhibitor -- what do you reckon?


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I think this is a really excellent idea, Cowes is hard to get to really and a new bit of blood woul not hurt the industry or us the public.

For my part, I guess i would like to see more hands on exhibits, more boats to try etc. It would be good if the stands were charged more on ability to pay rather than a flat rate. for example Barruss could afford more than All gadgets or somebody selling waterproof electrical stuff, if this happenned then we might get a real opportunity to buy good things for our boats.

I'd also like to see every electronic manufacturer that exhibits donate a product that could be raffled in a grand charity draw Split the money betwen NSPCC and the seamans mission from the local town that is exhibiting.

You have my support !

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Cowes is fine by me ;the fast ferry from Southampton is not inconvenient

What is important is the content on and off the water and a better attitude from some exhibitors.OK they have to deal with some time wasters but that is business.More boats to try and advice feely given;I may have 50k or 5k but its the future of the UK business which is at stake.Do I only get a ride if I show my bank balance?

And lots more serious land based content -who can pass a chandelry without spending a bob or two
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Personally, I have nothing against holding a Rib Expo at Cowes - who knows, it might turn out to be a major success. Surely HMS and the staff at RI have done their homework and decided on this venue for very good reasons which would only become apparent on the day!
The Rib market is small in national or global terms (like it or not)and I do not think the market could sustain another Expo or Rib Show at this time. IMHO !
As a closing thought, maybe a rhetorical question -
'How can one pre-judge something without it having ever been done before at a specific venue'? I have enjoyed all the RibEX shows I have been to - depends on what you want to get out of it. A negative attitude to anything means you have spoilt the experience before you have even started.
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Hi folks

Having Ribex at Cowes would not stop me going but I would prefer a mainland location.

Just Cowes adds extra costs, carrying items etc back to the car via ferry etc could be a pain.

The main thing however that would decide if I went or not, rather then to location. would the static stands. RIBS aflote are great but as I dont plan to buy a new RIB every year it would be the static stands that I would go for on a yearly basis.

The other option is would it not be possible to hold a RIB show, on the same dates as the Southampton boat show at a close by venve. That way you have all the static stands, but all the RIB's close by if thats what you ar looking for. Just a thought

Regards Gary
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Last RIBEX I went to in Soton 3 years back was hugely disappointing simply because there was so little shoreside to see. The on water bit is fine but inevitably if its a popular show the chances of actually getting out for a ride on a boat (without showing your bank balance as Phil says) is small. So paying to get in to see some nice RIBS afloat and wander around a few stands on shore is pretty poor vfm. (Go to a BIBOA or RIB.NET cruise and you get to see just as many RIBS and usually have a damn sight more chance for a ride in one!)

Some sort of social gathering - decent beer tent for example and maybe associated cruise would add to the incentive to attend. And this is not a pop at HMS from as my opinion would be the same for any RIB specific boat show. Fundamentally I dont thing the UK RIB market can support an annual show. Maybe Bi-annual is the key.

I end on a note of trivia. I actually exhibited at the first RIBEX in Weymouth, Kinda anyway. Our DS21 was a floating exhibit for BWM & Mr Lemmer eventually had me doing demos for all an sundry!

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Hi John

Im quite happy with Cowes as a location but would still prefere a mainland spot.

Will there be room to park a boat for the day in Cowes or will the only way there be via the fast ferries?
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An alternative exhibition has to be good for the industry and public, if only because this one might actually happen.

Does anyone know the real reason for the cancellation of this years show, and how do we know this won't happen again.

As an exhibitor I was disapointed with the previous Ribex, and was unimpressed with the proposed venue of the South of France, or was this HMS doing a bit of day dreaming.

The only other thing I would say is that if Ribex goes ahead next year, for christs sake don't let Hugo perform on stage again, only his mother could love him!
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I will be happy to go to a Rib show wherever it is, I only worry that we already have talk of 2 shows next year, and now maybe a 3rd, can all the manufacturers, retailers afford to attend all of them.

We might end up with three disapointing show instead of 1 good one.

In the announcment in RIB International there was mention of people been able to attend in their boat, and I fully attend to do so. Why don't we arrange a cruise for the same time?

Its all got to go - make me an offer...............

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I like Cowes or anywhere in the Solent...


Happy New Resolutions!!! : RIBbing for the craic!!!
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