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I don't think the Sealegs is pointless - would make a great toy - especially in my home waters - you could drag yourself over the sand banks - waiting for the tide would never be a problem again!!! Would also make a great superyacht tender.

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It is technically quite a neat package, all hydraulic (so I reluctantly admit probably quite robust at the wet end) and can move the boat over the type of terrain/incline shown. But what I can't figure out is how much benefit that gives you over a trailer? You pay a fortune for the capability, have the whole wheeled propulsion rig (and electro(?)/hydraulic pumps etc)
to worry about on top of the rest of the boat. And then have three bloody great legs with quad tyres hanging off of the boat. Which can't really do wonders for its handling or seakeeping.

Basically I see it as a gimmicy toy, if you can afford it and have an application for it, then fine. But you will be putting up with compromised boat package, and you can't drive it off down the pub, just up the beach and onto its trailer.

Now if you could leave the legs down, hitch it to a car and dispense with the trailer, then that would be something else... But Allyduck came up with that a few years ago!

Personally, I can't see the need for it, but that isn't to say others couldn't. So, point taken Polwart.

Still speeding though.


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RIBnet admin team
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I can think of several people I know who keep their boat out the water at a single location throughout the season but don't use it as much as they might because launch/recovery is a timeconsuming and difficult short handed. I also remember launching/recovering RIBS as rescue craft in inshore waters taking up valuable sailing time when I was younger.

Originally Posted by Tideway View Post
Still speeding though.
I just watched one of his other videos on YouTube and his other antics aren't really what I would expect to see on the Thames either.
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Originally Posted by Tideway View Post

N "is he really driving a rib in shirt and tie?"),
Gee, That is London for you, ye got everything...
Still good for Drug Running up the Thames, Hardly Miami vice,

How about Crocket and "Tub`bs"

Still think it looks like a cross between a Tractor and Reliant Robin, and a bloody 2 stroker choker to boot if I recall from the mag Rib Int.

And as for the Tie, what Public School Boys, any one know it?

What happens to the Well off Boys in these public Schools who do not make it in business or politics. I mean there has to be a few...... dont tell me then end up selling floating reliant robins, The difference is that the reliant robin goes faster and is more stable.....

Still say that Servicing and looking after hoses and hydraulics has got to be a pain once guarantee runs out
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Well I like the idea because I could just lease a bit of land near to the water, build a shed and that is all that would be needed, could launch and recover with ease any time.

I haven't read the RIB Intl article for a while but I seem to remember they didn't think the fittings compromised the rest of the boat's performance.

The obvious snag is that it is about 40 grand compared to about 20 for a similar sized similar powered "normal RIB" from Ribcraft/Osprey etc...
A Boat is a hole in the water, surrounded by fibreglass, into which you throw money...

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biased opinion as i tube the sealegs .the driver is not the sales person .the boat was tested by nick barsch an ex racer who now owns the rights to the phantom 19 which he sells and rigs after moulding has been done by bananashark and who helps engineer on the King of shaves powerboat ,his opinion was that it performed very well and was well engineered .basically you will always get a minority bltently breaking the rules and acting like twats to the detriment of the majority
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forgot to say that for the right people ie older not so fit it is easier to launch and very simple to launch if your property borders the water with a gentle sloping bank or beach ie in the right plce far better than a trailer
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Expensive certainly, impractical possibly, pointless maybe -- but I'd like one.

I think they're cool!

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I like them too... I hope they are a success.

Perfect for the inhabitants of "The Warren"........
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Originally Posted by Biggles View Post
It looks like a salesman driving the boat. He's after a sale to two London monkeys. The salesman has a suit on and lifejacket. The monkeys don't have lifejackets, which is the salesmans fault for not providing them, they are probably on a scam for a free ride and a cheap bit of fun. Any serious RIBber knows that particular boat is probably useless in any sort of decent seas.
The people at the pub are naturally interested. But overall the film/picture just makes it look like anybody, with no training or prior knowledge, but enough money is capable of taking a boat out and having safe and easy fun. Unfortuneatly from what Tideway has said they have had to break the law to do that.

Its a bit like BMW syndrome. Buy a nice fast car but the only way to get some fun out of it is to break the speed limit. And when the Police speed cameras cop them they moan about being picked on. They are all knobs. Shame Britains full of them.
Hi Biggles have you actually seen one up close because i think your been just a bit to quick to slag it off.Yes in the video they did appear as if they had lost some brain cells.The rib its self is ali and very well put together.The idea is great.The cost isnt but i would imagine the ride is better than you lmagine .

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