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What is this guy actually asking for it? Do you have a photo of it?

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The other thing to remember is that the transom on the new ones may have been beefed up a bit since that one was built - Mine is essentially the Grandaddy of the Ocean Pro 5m , but is only rated for 60 Hp - the new ones are rated somewhere around the 80/90Hp mark. Also if you're planning on dropping a shiny new 4- stroke on the transom the engine weight may be an issue too. Check the builder's plate!

As for the tubes, they use Hypalon for a reason! I can see no issues with the sunlight - My current boat is a 1979(ish) build and apart from a leaky valve holds air nicely - and it's spent most of it's life outside & afloat. Having said that, I'd second the "do the soapy water test" - then you know for sure.

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Oh-oh, Tim smells an opportunity...
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Originally Posted by jwalker View Post
Oh-oh, Tim smells an opportunity...
Not at all, just wondered what sort money this boat is going for.
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you will have fun in the rib

I use to drive tractor trailer in Quebec but never had the time to fish there. Love the area and the people even though I donít speak French.
I find that the people on Rib net are vary helpful, knowledgeable and can point you in the right direction for any questions you may need help with.
I was over in Europe 6 months ago and enjoyed my holiday very much checking out the family heritage and all. Noticed a lot of ribs over there and when I came back saw one for sale and gave it a try. Must say I have enjoyed the rib very much and over all would take it over an aluminum fishing boat. Have fun with yours if you get it.
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Originally Posted by maltaspearo View Post
hi guys i have come across a humber destroyer of 5 meters that has been stored in a shop for the past 8 years. the rib was in sunlight for a few hours everyday for the past 8 years. opon examination of this humber the hull and tubes look to be in emaculate condtion no fading or any discoloration at all. the boat still has some of the tape and things that it came with from the factory.i am 100 %sure this humber is never been used. the owner of this rib bought the rib for his son but his son but his son never used the rib for some strange he wants to get rid of it and is asking for 2 thirds of the retail price. like i said the boat looks like its in emaculte condition. it brand new if you dont take into acound it has been built 8 years ago.
i am seriosly considering buying this humber but i am worryed that the 8 years of sunlight did some damage to the tubes. could 8 years of sunlight have seriously done mager damage to the material. i ahve heard of tubes coming apart at the seems after not beeing used for a very long time. can this 8 years have weekend the glue and the seems. the owner told me that he bumps up the tubes a litlle bit once in a while and claimed that all ribs lose some of their air after a couple of weeks and need to be pumped once in a while. is this rib a lemon or should i consider buying it? if the tubes do lose a bit of air from somewhere is this a big problem or is there a quick fix like spraying somekind of sealant into the tubes . oh also this rib while being stored never was pumped up fully so that there would not be any stress on the seems. some professional advice will be great.
We have used Humbers for many years , first class Rib , very dry and
sea worthy with soft ride. We have a 3.4 Meter , 8 years old no
trouble with tubes or adhesive . Recommend snap it up
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Flipping heck, I agree with Tiffy

Have always liked Humbers, you should get very few problems with it if you check it out properly first.

Having said that, commercially, Delta have the edge at the moment...
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oh just so you guys no the situation. the guy is asking 7082 euros (5069 uk pounds) for this humber destroyer + a brand new heavy duty trailer.

i offered him 5667 euros (4056 uk pounds) for both the trailer and rib.
and he said he would give me the rib only for that price. i am sure that if i gave him another maybe 200 euros (150 uk pounds) he will give me the boat.

a brand new destroyer from humber is 4778 uk sales only and 6826 for everyone else .i cant see why uk sales are cheaper than sales to the rest of the world

on top of that price i will have to pay frieght which is another 500 uk pounds at the least.
so what do you guys think.
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RIBnet admin team
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I'd tell him to go away in short sharp jerky movements. He's asking more than it would have been new.

Personally I'd buy a new one if I was paying new prices.
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