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Country: UK - England
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2 stroke v 4 stroke

Soooo. its Sunday afternoon and I thought it would be a good time for a good old 2 stroke v 4 stroke debate...


Chris Stevens

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Country: USA
Town: Las Vegas
Make: Bombard Commando C4
Length: 4m +
Engine: 50 hp Tohatsu
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I was on the fence for a Evinrude but decided on the Suzuki four stroke instead.

The reason for my discussion on the four stroke was because Suzuki allows the 30hp to be bought on the internet and delivered to my house and installed by me avoiding a dealer install fee and lowest internet price of $4477 while all others including Evinrude require dealer install on all motors above 20hp.

However still would have like the Evinrude.

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Country: UK - England
Town: Dartmouth
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Real men ride two strokes
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Country: UK - England
Town: Retford
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Make: Mercury
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Engine: Suzuki Outboard/25/4
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I would ask why hasn't the Japanese jumped on the new two stroke technology or is it the larger hp accommodates so not worth the expenditure, maintenance wise I would think people have the engine serviced wheather it needs it or not in most cases For me three years is a long time.
Which dominates the market 2or4stroke? 4 for me
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I own both 2 and 4 stroke engines.
4 stroke edges it for me.
Cleaner, quieter, more reliable and efficient wins the day.
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Make: Ribcraft 4.8m
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Engine: Tohatsu 60hp + aux
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In my particular situation, then it's 2-stroke for the main engine and auxilliary. I do my own maintenance, so no issues with changing the timing belt, tensioner pulley, wet sump, etc. I like the raw grunt of the Tohatsu. It's a bit agricultural, but it does what it says on the can.

For me its also difficult to justify the added expense of a new mid-engine 4-stroke (which are difficult to come by second-hand too) for what is a recreational activity. It's not that I'm against 4-strokes, far from it, but a new Yamaha F70 is the best part of 7.5k.
Is that with or without VAT?
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Country: Australia
Town: Dalmeny
Make: zodiac
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Engine: outboard
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4 stroke all the way,will never go back to 2 strokes.

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2 stroke for me. Too much hassle with 4 strokes. 😉

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E-TEC for me, partly as I have to do my own maintenance and it takes a ton of things out of the maintenance equation. I also have all the diagnostics, which you don't seem to be able to get for most of the others. I arrived at it partly by accident, as it was the preferred engine from Osprey at the time I bought the boat, but when I looked into the other choices, it made sense for those reasons.

I've never used a modern 4 stroke so can't compare directly but the responsiveness of the E-TEC is brilliant when you shove the throttle forwards. And I dragged it out of the garage last week for the first run since April and it started on the second or third revolution of the engine.

To be honest, if I had a dealer to go to that would take care of the extra whirry bits, I probably wouldn't care, though it would probably have to be Japanese so Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda would be on the shortlist.
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Is there really big advantage or disadvantage between modern 2T or 4T ?
I'm happy with performance of EVINRUDE ETEC 115 HO but next time I will buy any (probably cheap one) from the list: HONDA, SUZUKI, YAM, MERC, EVINRUDE. I do like to make Winterization by myself in ETEC but I do have nearly good reputation HONDA dealer/service.

In theory one advance is lake of maintenance for EVINRUDE so I can keep it in Greece without service for some time (if decide to left it after vacation)

If I compare petrol consumption my set (1500 km range) to Steve from Highfield (the same boat but HONDA BF100) it looks like ETEC consumed less fuel (hard to compare UK conditions to Greece conditions). But my Etec consumed also 12 l of XD100 oil so results in spending money is almost the same.

Kids are not familiar with wake-boards/water-ski or other toys so maybe if I be able to compare ETEC and 4T in this area my opinion be different. (Standard opinion between boat dealers in Poland: ETEC for TOYS, 4T for trips)

Why it is always like:
- "it is better or not"
- "4T is new tech - forgot about 2T"
- "all manufactures switch to 4T => 2T is old/crap solution"
- "4T consume less"
- "2T smells bad and it is not good for long slow trips"
(I have made some trips by Polish canals and had not problem at all)

Is it modern 2T really bad or better ?
Or they are even in some aspects.

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