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Thanks for all the replies - it's the remaining engineer brain cells that make me want to know why I had black runny gunk everywhere when my bearings died, so I probably am making it more complicated than needed! I agree that any fairly waterproof (ideally Marine) grease plus keeping the salt water out of the bearings is where we want to be too.

However, I'm fairly certain that I caused the initial problem by topping up with a different type of grease (I had no play or rumbling bearings before we started driving and the bearings were running cool at the 10 mile check).

So the moral of the story seems to be - the type of grease is not very important, but make sure that you use only one type!

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Originally Posted by BumbleAbout View Post
- which trailer bearing grease should I use?
I think any reasonable wheel bearing grease is fine; key is to watch for problems as Pete explained above. Top up or inspect and repack every now and then, and as long as you don't have water ingress, or a mis-adjusted hub, things should be fine.

- will it have any effect on the bearing grease already in there if I top up with a different sort of grease?
Stay with the same soap base, and you'll be fine. If you worry about existing grease, solvent wash the bearing carrieres and wipe out all you can from the hub and races. Repack with your chosen grease, and you're good to go.

One advantage of an Al complex base is the water resistance; the disadvantage is it's incompatible with Li complex soaps that the rest of the automotive world uses. Makes it tough to top up if you're in the middle of nowhere.


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I have to say I have always just used lithium, not any fancy marine stuff either, I just keep mine well packed (usually with savers) and I would do bearings on a 3-4 year cycle anyway and touch wood (bump) Ive never had a failure yet with regular dunkings

I think you are getting too technical, but I know where you are coming from, none of us wants the dreaded failure

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