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Originally Posted by Mollers View Post
Fleet policy, you gotta love 'em. Kids can drive all vehicles on policy fully comp. :-)
Are the kids employees?

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Funny this thread should crop up, I've spent this evening looking for a first car for my step daughter, I settled on an Ibiza.

Mrs is looking up insurance as I type.

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you may find if you can get a classic policy for a proper mini, the reduction in insurance premium will outweigh the higher purchase price. Will teach your lad how to use a spanner as well. Try Peter James broker.
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oh, and you can shift the seat back, no-one uses the back anyway
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It's a bugger for the kids trying to get started . Ours are currently 11, 13 & 16 & I dread hunting for insurance for them when the time comes !! First car ex GPO Morris 1000 van brush painted blue 60, tax about a tenner & fully comp 65 in 1977! Probably worth a fortune now if I'd kept it!
It's a shame they don't produce a cheap 500cc motor that does about 50 mph tops that's cheap to tax & insure for the kids to get going. We'll probably get them mopeds...
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According to this:-

Car Insurance Groups: Which UK Insurance Group Is Your Car In?

The 1990s 900cc Fiat Cinquecento is only group 2 insurance.

It'll allow you to view cars by insurance group as well and there's a few there that'd do quite well. The group viewing seems to exclude most sub-1k cars though.
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Toyota Yaris also worth a look as the 1 litre models are cheap to insure and generally reliable. Might struggle to find one in your price range though. SEATs are, as has already been said, essentially VW/Audi with a different bodyshell. I'm on my second one and can't fault them. In fact, they and the Skoda I had previously have all been more reliable than the VW Passat I had before that.
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I thought all the lads wanted 5 door Polo's! - quite big enough - my nephew is 6'4"
reliable sensible choice is Nissan Micra or Ford Ka but considered too girly (have to agree I guess).
Ford Puma is a great drive getting a bit old now and not sure about the insurance - thought should be in the ball park for the 1.4 version.
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Bought my daughter a Citroen C1 Rhythm for her 18th. Had to up the budget to buy, but cheapest thing around to insure so hopefully saving in the long run. Looked at everything, from classic Mini's to Landrovers must have compared 100 insurance quotes.
C1, Peugeot 104 & Toyota Aygo are all the same car developed as a joint venture and rated as Group 1.
Comfy car, nice spec, loads of MPG, costs next to nothing to tax, holds 70 on the m'way, all round good little car.
Insurance fitted a black box and I get a report on how she's been driving for the last 10days. Not sure of their street cred, but would recommend them for a first car!
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Exactly the same for my son. Citroen c1 with black box insurance in his name for 1300 per year. Our Citroen is on contract hire at just over a hundred quid per month through a broker I get all the fleet cars through. I'd rather he was driving a safe, new car but that's a personal choice.

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