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Originally Posted by Nos4r2 View Post
Where did you find a bucket that big? I'd far rather do it that way but can't find one big enough for my lower unit.
IBC with the top cut off
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I also found the bin method easy filling half to 3/4 full and leave the engine running for a couple of minutes and then just tip away in the garden.You know then that the leg is is submerged enough so the engine gets a good flushing.....
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There always seems to be lots of different opinions on this subject.

I flushed my Yam F60 using the hose connector, WITH the engine running, for over a year. Then I stopped 'cos I feared I might have been damaging the impellor, but as far as I know, it was never damaged at all, as it was always fine. Plenty of water always seemed to come out of impellor area.

I now tend to use muffs, even though I too worry about the amount of water leaking out of them, but it works fine. I also think that having the engine running and getting warm is good, as it accelerates the flushing/dissolving of salt, and makes sure that the thermostat is open allowing fresh water everywhere in the engine.

I sometimes use a huge flower pot that I have - if it's rained alot (i.e. most days!) then it's full and I can just back the boat up to it and dunk the engine in.
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Perhaps my motor is different from eneryone elses on the planet, becuase I seem to defend this pretty often.

My Yamaha F115, flushing on the hose connection, leaks water all over the place. (See pics.)

In the first, you can clearly see water coming out of every orifice in the lower unit (and there're a bunch of them.) In the second, you can see water flowing out of the water intake screens, and the prop hub. Proof that water does flush out the input and pickup tubing.

The cooling system does not have a one-way valve or anything that will prevent water leaking back down; the impeller spinning drives water up through the head, but if it's not spinning, it won't prevent water from flowing back the other way. If it is spinning, but water is insufficient to fill the chambers between the vanes, you will get lubrication but no pumping (impellers are an eccentic vane, decreasing volume type pump.) There may be some chambers within the impeller/housing that won't get flushed if not running the motor, I suppose, but given that the manufacturers don't consider this a problem should be a little telling.

I'd be interested in seeing pics of other motors running on the hose connection (engine off.)


p.s. Ignore the green hose in the background; that used to be a garden watering hose that has now become my dogs plaything. She's busy cutting a 50 foot hose into 1 foot sections, in between dragging the rest of the hose around the yard. You can also ignore the yellow tub. Impromptu water resistant (hah!) storage.
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i have always run my engines in an old 45 gallon oil drum cut down or more recently the wheelie bin though if you have a really big engine its best to remove the prop otherwise one flick of the gears and its bluuuurpp and all the waters gone ,i have heard recently of a large bag that can be pulled up the leg and filled with water.,strictly no running in gear with that one. mart.
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Unless we have a high pressure hose we cant get the tell tale to work
no matter how tight the muffs are and i have made mine with twin water outlets
so now we have gone over to the hose connector.
When the engine was serviced the water channel from the impeller looked clean
so it must work to a degree.
Lansdale marine have a loft water storage tank they use if they need to start the engine and test the impeller, as the later yam 250 have a water pickup at the base of the engine just in front of the skegg so muffs don't work.

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