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Engine problems Yam 40 2S

I had some problems with my Yamaha 40 2S autolube on Saturday and I am after some advice.

Engine last used 30th Nov when it ran fine. On Saturday ran it up on muffs before launch and she started on about the third or fourth pull and sounded fine. Then launched and started again (1st pull). Good stream out the telltale. Once running without fast idle backed away from the slip and then headed off on the plane. After about 150 yards engine made odd noise, a bit like a bird chirping every two or three seconds, then engine died. Restarted but it would run on very fast idle for 4 to 5 seconds then die. Tried pumping the fuel line bulb and swapping tanks, no difference.

So I recovered the boat onto the slip and hitched a lift for the Nacho run

On return tried running it up on muffs. Very hard to start but eventually fired up. Still chirping every 2 to 3 seconds and was running at high revs with fast idle on tickover. Pumping water but when I put my hand into the telltale stream it was hot not warm. Immediately stopped engine. Then fired up again and this time could not get any telltale and still running far too fast and chirping. At this point stopped engine and gave up as getting too dark to see.

I'm ok with basic maintenance on inboard diesels but know very little about 2s outboards. Can anyone offer any help or advice, or recommend a good outboard engineer. Quite happy to pay the going rate to get it fixed but I don't want to get ripped off. If anyone with experience is prepared to give me a hand fixing it I am happy to pay them for their time or make a suitable donation to the Macmillan fund if they don't want to accept any money. Boat is in Southampton.


Chris Moody
Rib Tigga2 a Ribcraft 4.8 with a Honda BF50
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I may be able to help Chris. I will pm my number.

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Only suggestion I have is take it in, and get it serviced, it could be a few things, and as I not a 2 stroke engineer, can't really offer a fix.

I have a guy that could do it for you (for some cash) is here in the midlands, as your boat is down south, probably not a great suggestion.

There must be lots of 2 stroke service agents down Southampton way surely.

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running too weak?/ timing too advanced?? poss
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Possibly two separate issues.

The warm running/lack of water could well be down to running on the muffs, I have run/flushed engines hundreds of times on them but on the odd occasion I have found that they aren't perfectly aligned or supplying enough pressure to give adequate flow resulting in a warm engine, a tub is by far the best way to go. I would try a tub before checking impeller.

As for the chirping... Is it like the engine has a sneeze?

I came across this on a Suzuki 25 I used to own, it was known as a "lean sneeze", turned out to be the dirty carb jets weren't allowing enough fuel through so the mixture had leaned out, i stripped the carbs and gave them a quick clean with some brake cleaner and an airline, never had an issue again.

It sounds to me like the engine has sooked up something nasty after sitting for a while.
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With pull hand starts ive known the pawl get stuck & catch the flywheel that will give a loud chirping sound intermittently, Does sound like timings out or its running lean ,
Lets face it it only wants something like a spider to creep into the carb when its stored up & block something up ?
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Chris, If it is running lean also look for a air leak round air filter, carb gaskets etc ,would also give you a noise on intake, or even a loose spark plug, had them all at some time on various engines.
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If engine was running fine before that day and no settings were altered prior to the chirping, it is likely to be only one thing. A bottom crankcase seal. Check got the bottom plug having a reddish colour, it's a sign of water in the bottom pot.
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I'd be inclined to check the carbs. No harm in stripping them down and cleaning. Definitely a job for indoors with a mug of tea. Be methodical on each carb, cleaning and reassembling, using carb cleaner where required.

Next check the spark plug gap and clean with a soft bristle copper wire brush to remove carbon deposits. Try each plug (with HT lead connected) and hold the screw thread next to the cylinder head. Get someone to pull the starter to ensure each plug is sparking.

Back to the fuel supply. Check the fuel connector is on tight. I suffered a breakdown before after my stainless steel Tohatsu fuel line connection failed with corrosion. Cleaned and lubed it up and it was sorted. Yamaha connectors are plastic and normally spot on, but check anyway. Still fuel related, drain the engine fuel filter, checking the gauze filter for any deposits.

With the air filter housing cover removed - ensure the butterfly valves open on the carbs. Again these can seize with corrosion.

Lastly, check the thermostat. If you remove it, I'd have a gasket on hand as it will tear. Use a Stanley blade to scrape the old one off. Inspect the thermostat. Any doubts, then replace. Also check the thermostat housing. I've seen salt deposits block the cooling passages before.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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Hi Chris - remember we had huge rain recently with a good deal of condensation. I know its a bit obvious but check your fuel is pure - purge the whole system for water contamination.

As Peter M I think said in the past - things like this are sometimes quite simple - so start with the simple checks. Plugs, water etc before you get in too deep.

- "No matter how big the sea may be, sometimes two ships meet".
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