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Country: UK - England
Town: Worcester
Make: Northcraft
Length: 6m +
Engine: 115hp Yam 4 stroke
MMSI: 235063097
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Surprised to hear of your experience with the Yam Nexus. I've owned 5, 25 and 30hp 2 stroke Yams in the past and I have a 115hp 4 stroke currently. Never had a single fault on any of them.

Had them serviced at various places over the years and all the mechanics that I've spoken to really rate the brand.

Though I hate to admit it, one of the 2 strokes was not particularly well looked after (NEVER flushed, rarely serviced), but it still proved to be 100% bullet proof.

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Country: UK - England
Town: Crawley
Boat name: BerryBuoys
Make: BananaShark
Length: 6m +
Engine: Mercury 115 EFi
MMSI: 235068187
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Originally Posted by Mr Flibble View Post
Yet another 'Which one is best' type question.

All 115hp 4's


Based on reliability, economy, cost of servicing.

Have nothing else to compare it with, and agree with the first few replies to your question, just thought I'd give my experience of our particular engine:-

Mercury 115 EFi, MY2007, 70 hours use, 181kg, 5 year warranty.

Economy: on a ~25knot cruise in fairly benign Solent conditions the Smartcraft gauge hovers around 18-20l/hour. That seems a little optimistic, equating to ~0.8l/nm - from rough calcs of gps distances etc it's more like 1l/nm.

Reliability: so far it hasn't missed a beat, starting on the 1st turn even after several weeks standing still. Nothing has blown up/fallen off so far.

Performance: no idea how it compares with anything else, but it pushes our little 6.2m along well enough to give the crew big grins - 41knots so far with 2 up and 80l fuel in mild chop. It seems to pull well to get on the plane, have no idea how to assess its 'hole shot' abilities though. It feels very smooth going through the rev range.

Noise: very quiet at tickover/low revs, you have to shout at each other at wot. But the wind plays a part in that.

Servicing: cheapest quote so far is 135, tending to average out at 150ish.

Any issues? The centrally-mounted throttle doesn't give a great feel for the neutral position; you have to be careful not to put it in reverse accidentally (or that may just be ham-fistedness?).

I suspect the above experiences are pretty familiar to most owners of whatever brand, especially for a relatively new engine like ours.

Would I buy another Mercury 4-stroke? Yes on current experience.
Would I consider any other brand? Yes, including modern 2-strokes.

Not sure if that waffle is of any help whatsoever???

Have fun

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Country: UK - Scotland
Town: West Scotland
Boat name: Orca
Make: Humber Ocean Pro 5.5
Length: 5m +
Engine: Tohatsu 115 TLDI
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Thanks all.
I realise it was a pretty open question. I was just looking for a response of never buy X brand as there are known issues, or Y brand is without doubt far superior in reliability, quality etc, but I take the point that all modern outboards are reliable, and pretty much of a muchness.

I've a chance of each of these brands, the Merc is coming in circa 1100 cheaper than the Suzuki (and is the lightest). The Yam is coming in at circa 500 less than the Suzi. My Suzi/Yam dealer is a couple of miles up the road. A merc dealer about 30 miles away.

Due to price I think I'll rule out the Suzi so it's really down to dealer preference..........oh and colour :-)

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