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Level Of Water

Originally Posted by codprawn View Post
Thanks for posting that but - Is that it??? I would have expected better of a pro crew - obviously too busy saving their own skins.

Wasn't that much water on board but I suppose with the engines both out you were buggered.
Thanks Codders. Sorry that was all they had. There might not appear to have been much water on the film but there was more than I cared for!!! Both pumps were working full on too. Both engines were out and we were being washed backwards onto more sandbanks even with 2 anchors out. (15kg Danforth and 10kg auxilliary but both dragging with the incredible weight on board from water ingress). The BBC didn't have time to film any more as they were climbing into the lifeboat....ohhh yeah and all the cameras were underwater and totalled. The footage is RNLI owned but used by BBC. There is more but the story was the sands and the cricket and not our little drama.
The Sunday Mail piece was a cheap shot by one of Fleet Streets finest, Rhodri Philips who clearly hadn't a clue about anything and picked up the story watching the TV. Bet that was difficult research!! The Mail On Sunday asks for comment on the web page about their news articles to which I replied to with a factual and honest description of the event. Needless to say they haven't updated their web site. Far be it for these jerks to let the truth get in the way of their rubbish.

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I hate the Daily Mail with a passion - all they ever want to do is ban things!!!

Must have been scary with both anchors dragging - it's all very well saying use plenty of scope but if you lob them out in an emergency the chances are you won't even have room!!!

I think the only thing that would have saved you would have been carbs!!!

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Well John, you may be interested to hear what the RNLI's magazine "The Lifeboat" has to say on the matter - according to an interview with Neil Oliver, the delay on the Goodwin Sands was due to your boat not starting! To quote Mr Oliver "It was a classic case of thinking that we had taken all the right precautions, but when the tide came in and the boat wouldn't start, we were stranded".
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Neil Oliver in the news today !

Quoting from the above link...."Nothing matters today unless you're being filmed doing it. Everything has to happen live. People don't do things just for the sake of doing them any more."

Neil almost certainly misled viewers during his TV Programme "Two Men In a Trench " . During the episode about Hornchurch Airfield , his team " discovered " a large compass , used by spotters set in the earth with brass degree markers . Bullsh*te ! everyone knew it was there prior to his programme ! But this is the world of TV !
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RIBnet admin team
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Damn shame there isn't a 'comment on this story' tab on that Daily Mail article.
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Read the Telegraph article, Mr Oliver should come to Ribnet, there are some members who fit his bill. Not me I hasten to add but plenty others.

I do despair at times when "TV does diving..." it's a good laugh to hear all the cobblers. Whoever wrote some of the stuff that Ian McSahne? (Lovejoy) came out with was priceless, had me in stitches.
New boat is here, very happy!
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We did some filming with Time Team in Hamble River, they would have the viewer believe they were metres down, if they stood up it was just about waist height. As for the long lunches that these luvvies have then come back and realise there is even less water. Rogue Wave was also there we did have a laugh with my cat ladened with all this deep sea equipment

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