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Judge? Jury? Yeah, I'll execute

A person who is ready to perform a theft is going to spot the house and ensure nobody is in it before entering. A person who enters a house when people are sleeping is usually armed, and there for possible confrontation during a theft. These are not good people, and I for one don't want taxpayers to pay 50 grand per year in jail because I was soft. Also, in the US a person could potentially sue you if you injured them seriously and they got out of the house, then it's your word against theirs. I don't really see that I need an actual judge or jury to see whether someone actually comitted a crime when they are in my house while I am sleeping, I know they are trying to do it, and if I let them get away with it they will do it again. Plus, a bad person that gets hit in the head with an iron bar may just come back and kill you when he heels up, not a good prospect in the long run. I am not trying to act like a macho asshole, I don't really want to put a hole in my wall (I hate sheetrock) and go through counseling because I took a life. (I may not need it, I won't know unless it happens) Just realize that if I have the option to protect myself, I will at all costs, even if it means taking a life to save my own. Hope this is not too "Yankee" sounding, and that you can see a bit of logic in it.


P.S. I would rather the person just left immediatly when met by my dogs, that would keep me from even knowing if it was a person or a moose. Then I can go back to sleep..

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Originally Posted by Jimmy_Beam
or defend myself or others against a bear attack.
yus i yewsed de saim ekscuse wen i woz arrestid forr pakkin a peece.

de jujj sed fuk orf gaRf, thers noe fkin bares inn de sowlint. mi breef showd im a fowto ov a tenn fut torl grizly dat ad bin tuk inn dryvers worf. merlud sed, wel fuk mee iyve nevver sean a grizly warin spekks an wiv a rinn tinn tinn harecutt butt iyll givv yew de benerfit ov de dowt. ifn yew sea dat monnstir agen maik shewer yew kil itt.

Originally Posted by Jimmy_Beam
that would keep me from even knowing if it was a person or a moose.
yew mite gett a cloo fromm de syze ov de pyle ov pooe inn yorr halwaiy yew nobbur

luk arfter numbir wan, downt stepp inn numbir too
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The Atlantic - my favourite ocean (mainly due to the fact its huge)
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Originally Posted by pathalla
it would take a pretty audacious individual to break into another's home. You cannot know that person's intent. What you do know is that this individual whoever they may be has ill will for you, your family and society as well, demonstrated by their total lack of regard for the laws which our societies are based on. I have never had my house broken into. I have a seven year old daughter who sleeps in this home. I think it would be very alarming if in the middle of the night I awoke to someone breaking into my house. I think most if not all people would be frightened by this. No normal person would venture to do such a thing. If someone came up the stairs in my house in the middle of the night I would not ask questions. I would be in fear of my daughter's life and my own and would shoot first and answer questions later. Understand that I hope I will never be confronted with a situation such as that.
I would have to agree with that. I too have young daughters and it is very worrying especially as there have been a lot of high profile cases recently where householders have been killed by burglars. It is a very alarming situation when you're startled awake at 3 in the morning and you have to go and investigate that horrifying noise; arm yourself according to your cultural preference (Roy - iron bar, Pathalla - Browning M 2 fifty calibre, me - 7 iron, Hugh - gintrap? landmines??) and use whatever force you feel is necessary to defend yourself and your family. Remember it is better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.

Originally Posted by pathalla
if you are ever in the western basin of Lake Erie on a nice summer day cruise by the beach at West Harbor... look for a big yellow inflatable, stop on over, we'll be playing some reggae music... give you a beer or a margarita... the girls will be wearing bikinis...
Sounds good to me!

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