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The press don't seem to have woken up to the potential dangers of products based on nano technology that come into contact with humans. I'm not implying that liquipel is dangerous, but some nano products may be long term.

Nano technology products are so small that products based on it can enter your body through your skin or any other part of your body, with or without a natural opening. If it then carries on going, it could end up anywhere in your body including penetrating your cells.

Nano technology is used for quite a few things. An example is sun tan lotion that does not leave white marks on the skin. Theoretically thus stuff could be totally absorbed by your body and as far as I am aware, its safety in this situation is not tested for.

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I had my phone liquipel-ed. They even gave me a tissue to take home with me to show everyone. The tissue works just like they say. I haven't dropped my phone in anything yet but I definitely don't worry as much being out in the rain or when it's in my pocket transiting from rib to dock, etc.

(I pass by their headquarters a couple of times a week on the way to work to I was able to drop my phone off and come by and pick it up in an hour. No shipping/waiting to deal with)

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In all seriousness!!Ian H,
I Make you Spot on! Nano Technology is... THE Pandora's Box! Only I fear even 'Hope' may escape next time!
You wait till they combine it with Gene therapy,and Organic computer science....!!
I can't help thinking at 52 yrs, myself and my Contempories have had the Best of Times...
No Major Conflicts to engage in...The Welfare state, and all that entails,includeing the Great NHS...Fantastic strides in medicine,with the irradication of Numerous Deadly deseases...Steadily climbing standards of liveing... Great oppertunity's in education...Cheap and easy Worldwide Travel ect ,ect, ECT!
All for the first time in our Long History!!
Not to mention ALL the Great Music.and quality TV we grew up with!!...Pluss of course,and not least the invention of the Rigid Inflatable Boat AND the Leisure time to enjoy it!
All paid for by the way, in my view at least, by the Terrorble sacrifices of Previous Generations!!

A clever Man learns by his mistakes..
A Wise Man learns by other people's!

The Road to HELL Paved with "Good inventions!"
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