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A quote from the article says it all ....

“There was a man standing on the back trying to gauge the height."

So I guess the skipper never heard of tide times or maybe how to work out what the tide level will be at a certain time and day and location.

ouch ..

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All the gear and no idea.

There is a place on this planet for all of Gods creatures.........right next to my tatties and gravy.
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This was from the skipper on YBW, pretty poor excuse as bugger all to hit out at sea and regardless of where you are you should be in control at all times and not be at the mercy of the wind or water flow, a lesson I learnt on my first boat handling lesson when I destroyed my guard real on a bow roller.

"Humiliating experience.

I am very experienced but mostly at sea, but not so with dealing with a rivers tidal flows.

The yacht makes 5 Kts over SOG with both engines in gear, though from Teddington to Richmond the boats port or stbd engines were only engaged, fwd and astern, to keep her positioned.

The necessary tidal height calculations were completed and a phone call to the PLA boys in the area informed me that I should expect and increase of half a metre on listed tidal heights, this was also taken into consideration. As you could see once I had extracted myself from the bridge I squeezed through as with enough headway backing up my initial precaluculations.

The problem I encountered was aligning the yacht up to the centre line of the arch as the arch has rather steep drop offs from the centre line. Once astern thrust had been engaged, the strong tidal flow started to push the stern to the starboard rather rapidly. This caught me unawares as the yacht obviously has a lot of power to hand, but not enough to stem the tide.

I've certainly learnt a harsh lesson in coping with strong tidal currents, and narrow bridge arches."
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Originally Posted by A1an View Post
All the gear and no idea.
That's often said about me

Nice to hear a typical Cockney accent on the Video
When you get to the end of your rope..tie a knot and hang on..!!
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That's what I thought Tony bit like those Hermans we came across down there
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Two engines, one bow thruster and no idea.

You'd never attempt a three point turn even in the calmest of marinas that close to other boats or a pontoon.

"By skill not force."
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I wouldn't be too harsh on this guy. I've been in a French river with about 10kts of current and almost lost my A-Frame to a low bridge. Turning round or going astern with the constant force of water against you ain't easy.
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All I can say is that I'm glad that I'll never be faced with that problem in my lifetime!!

Any meaning read into my message is the product of your own mind...
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Oh how I wished it was a Ferretti 881 not a Princess!
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Originally Posted by Poly View Post
Oh how I wished it was a Ferretti 881 not a Princess!
If truth be known, he's more malaguti than ferretti. ;-)

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