DIY Sundeck

July 2, 2009 at 8:25 pm by


I was very frustrated that the weather was so poor for the IOM weekend and that I was at home thinking that I really should have gone up regardless, I did what all men do when in a sulk, retire to the garage/workshop.

Now Mrs 250kts has expressed that she would like somewhere on the boat to strech out and take in some rays. I looked into obtaining a sundeck from Valiant, who wanted £450+VAT! So a few hours later and some £93, this is what I produced.

Pic 1 = Before
Pic 2 = The first cushion of the anchour locker (to be recovered in the blue)
Pic 3 = Stage two
Pic 4 = The complete deck in position, suitable for two 5’10” persons to lay out

Any or all are easily removed for storage on or off the boat.





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