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The Jackeens 16 January 2005 15:01

Solent Spin 12/13 March
A few of us are hoping to warm up the boats that weekend in the Solent so if you're around please post here or let us know. (Need to get in shape for the Littlehampton trip!)

Saturday is the day aimed for...then Sunday if Sat's awful.
The pub if they're both bad days!!!

The usual;
Yarmouth if it's flat blue seas (yeah right!)
Cowes if it's lumpy
Nowhere if it's awful

Anyone else keen?

Us :D :D

Carl 16 January 2005 16:00

im allways keen

DJL 16 January 2005 16:33

Count me in

stingray 16 January 2005 17:46

look forward to it

brucehawsker 16 January 2005 17:59

Yeah, count us in. We are at last getting sorted. Where would it be best to meet you given we come out of Lymington?

tcwozere 16 January 2005 18:16


Originally Posted by The Jackeens
Nowhere if it's awful

Nowhere being the lightship?? :D

The Jackeens 16 January 2005 18:51

Fantastic. :cool: :cool:

Carly :D
Ray :thumbs:
Bruce : near Calshot if Cowes; just outside Lymington if Yarmouth ? :cool:
Tony probably :thumbs:

Any more keen peeps out there? Chrisallse, Willowkis, Aarib. Ian Austin, Zippy, Neal (Sunday), Scotty (probably) and Slimtim are also in :thumbs:

Shure put it in the diary and we'll hope for good weather.


Zippy 16 January 2005 19:28

Hope to be there!

osprey__viper 16 January 2005 19:40

The Northerners!!!!
Subject to working requirements, can we come along????? Be a nice trip down from Robin Hood land :D (promise not to wear the green tights!!!!! :eek: )



The Jackeens 16 January 2005 22:04


Originally Posted by osprey__viper
Subject to working requirements, can we come along????? Be a nice trip down from Robin Hood land :D (promise not to wear the green tights!!!!! :eek: )



That would be brill!

Ah go on wear the green tights...shure the ancient feast day of St. Paddy himself will be just round the corner :D


Nasher 17 January 2005 13:15

Big Nasher and two small Nashers would like to join in the fun.

craigdavis 17 January 2005 18:25

ye i mite be able to get along wid that one

The Jackeens 17 January 2005 21:35

Superb Nasher & Gang & Craig / Charlie? :D

'Twill be great to see ye out there :thumbs:


Andy 18 January 2005 20:12

Love to come ...

DJL 18 January 2005 20:19


Originally Posted by Andy
Love to come ...

:thumbs: - be nice to catch up

Andre 18 January 2005 20:31

If my Seahawk 2 is not sold by then, I will for sure come along :thumbs:

The Jackeens 18 January 2005 20:34

Excellent news Andy and Andre :thumbs:


Andy Stevens 19 January 2005 09:27

I'd like to come, in the NEW boat that hopefully won't run like a bag of shit and make me come home early! In fact i think i will find a mooring and be out quite a lot this year, after all it's too hot for paintballing in the summer really.

Action Man 19 January 2005 09:40

is there any chance of getting on a boat and meeting up with a few of you one posibly two??


Janet and Bill 19 January 2005 11:17

Count us in :thumbs:

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