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Daibheid 26 May 2019 09:01

F115 Yamaha Trim&Tilt jamming halfway up?
Helping a friend and, as they say, no good deed goes unpunished ��
Engine had been stood for a while and looks like it is weeping fluid from one of the two ram cylinders.
Tilts up about 25 degrees and motor sounds like it's pumping air. It'll pump down ok.
No problem I think, get the manual release open, raise the engine by hand and refill and bleed.
Got there manual release open, but can't get it to go past 25 degrees. Trailer is almost jacked by the skeg so not for lack of force.
I've been inside of an F100, with the two speed single ram and they can jam between speeds but the F115 has a single action Piston and no obvious reason to stop hard.
Oil is aerated and there's lots of air in the system but it feels rock hard trying to raise it past a point 1inch clear of the twin Rams.
I'd welcome any suggestions please?

Daibheid 30 May 2019 18:15

For anyone trying to deal with this, I unbolted and drove out the bottom pivot pin for the T+T unit. That allowed me lift the engine and get it secured. Got the top pivot out, disconnected the motor wires under the cowling.
Looks like there was very little oil left and air was playing havoc with the valves.
Getting the ram seals replaced is next but at least I eventually got the engine lifted for road transport.

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