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limeydal 28 June 2017 01:50

Narwhal RIBs
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Caught this shot on San Diego bay today.
Never seen these before, but looks like decent bit of kit !

limeydal 28 June 2017 01:52

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And a little closer !

office888 28 June 2017 02:53


Originally Posted by limeydal (Post 751309)
And a little closer !

SOLAS rescue boats.

Required for vessels that are too big to handle an MOB scenario effectively. They are usually full of many interesting features... the Zodiac Ribo has a stainless handrail underneath for flipping the boat over if you invert it.

andrew_ireland 28 June 2017 17:18

Not sure on these models but I have had bad experiences with narwhal ribs in the past! They struggle to plane and are not the most robust

ncp 29 June 2017 03:40

Never heard of them - where are the from?

limeydal 29 June 2017 04:38

Spain ,I think !

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