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eyespy999 07 April 2013 22:00

Buying advice
Hi all

I am planning to upgrade my rib but would like some advice. I currently have a brig falcon 275 rib with a 6hp 2 stroke. This just chugs along. I have tried a 15hp 2 stroke on the back and it flies with two persons but with three it won't plane, boat sits too low in the water. I live next to a tidal estuary where I have been told the tide passes through anywhere between 6 and 9 knots at the end of the tide.

I am looking at getting a rib that will fit in my garage that I can drag to the slipway using a launching trailer. So far I have seen a couple of ribs I like. An Avon 340 rib with a jockey seat and 20hp 4 stroke. Also a ribeye 340 with a 15hp four stroke. It will be for two adults and two children.

Regarding the 15hp four stroke, will this have much more power that the 15hp 2 stroker to get the boat on the plane? I am planning to keep my next rib for some time so need to get the right one!

Once the impeller and gearbox oil has been changed on the 6hp I am planning to sell the package to contribute to the next project. rib 2001 6hp mariner 1997 short shaft if anyone is interested on a launching trailer.

Thanks for any advice!

Aries 07 April 2013 22:15

Same power but the 2stroke should be lighter so more power to shove the rib along. 15hp may not be enough in a 340 with 2+2.

eyespy999 07 April 2013 22:24

Thanks for that, would a 20hp be the minimum I would need on a 340 to shove it along? I would like something much bigger but the clutter in the garage prevents this!

Pottsy 07 April 2013 23:25

hi eyespy
fyi, i had a 20hp yam two stroke on yam 360 sib. it flew along at 20+ mph with two on board. i could even tow a big adult on a knee board.

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