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boristhebold 04 April 2012 17:03

Fabricating dash board plate - which glue
Im in the middle of fabricating a nice bit of 5mm White Acrylic Plastic to cover a wider hole when I fitted a newer VHF, I intend to glue it in place (the new plate) so need advice, what glue should I use ?

boristhebold 04 April 2012 17:05

1 Attachment(s)
picture of the original plate which has gone bad

Erin 04 April 2012 17:11

Is it held by glue only or do the screws fix it in place to any degree? I did something similar and used silicone sealant. It's remarkably strong if applied to clean flat surfaces. Sikaflex would be even better but more permanent.

Pikey Dave 04 April 2012 21:10

West Epoxy with colloidal silica

CJL 04 April 2012 22:58

I've used screws and sikaflex previously.


CJL 04 April 2012 23:29

Incidentally have you thought about curving the edges of material you've got so it matches the outline of the radio above it?

Might look quite gucci


boristhebold 05 April 2012 07:40

Im going to glue the plate and probably square it off and smooth the edges somewhat, will send pics once done. My project for Friday

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