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eliott 10 March 2012 09:10

Collar cleaning?
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I cant get the collar clean on my avon :bang: i have tried scourers and brushes, rib cleaner, cif and cilit bang.
should i try some solvents? :thumbs:

willk 10 March 2012 13:31

If t'were I, I'd have a lash with the solvent - I might even put some on the RIB. I've used general purpose paint thinners and some on here have recommended "gunwash" used for cleaning spraying gear.

All the usual safety stuff: no flames or sparks, good ventilation, gloves. Use lots of spotless rags and do a small section at a time (test a bit underneath first). If it cleans as well as you want, use a protecting product on it before it picks up dirt again. The rubber strip will look good with a touch of trim renovator on it, keep that off the tubes.

As you apply the solvent, you'll feel the fabric getting tacky, don't rub this, but let it dry - it will reharden.

Maximus 10 March 2012 17:43

Said it befor but 600 Wet and Dry with a little water and Washing up liquid...IT WORKS.

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