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Dhf 22 January 2012 21:35

Whats the best helm position advice please
Hi all,
I'm thinking of doing a refit on my RIB and would very much appreciate your opinion on what is the best seating and helm position, she's currently set up primarily for diving with a 4ft bottle rack fixed behind the jocky console, the previous owner used her for RYA powerboat instruction and diving,
However I could do with more seating on her now and I can't decide whether to move the helm further back or leave it where it is, so I'd like to know if you get a smoother ride from the rear deck as i'v only ever helmed ribs with forward jocky, which I find excellent for vision but a bit exposed at speed in the rough, maybe I should just get a good wind shield, remove bottle rack and fit seats in there place, either way I don't want to lose max speed but I guess a large shield would reduce max a bit anyway. Any advise you guys could offer would be much appreciated.

Ian M 22 January 2012 21:51

You have answered your own question, forward position more deck space, smoother ride if more towards the stern. Many dive RIBs are configured with a forward helm position to maximise carrying potential, and after all, they should not be out if it gets too rough :D :whistling:

Nos4r2 22 January 2012 22:27

You also get the problem of the bow or passengers obscuring the view with a helm near the stern-particularly with anyone on the forward seats.

I helmed Evolution (Tim M's old Solent) a couple of times and while the ride was very soft, every time the bow came up, I lost sight of the wave I needed to be watching. Result=quite a hard landing for passengers.

Dhf 22 January 2012 23:53

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Sorry no pics yet Ian i'm new to posting threads, however I will try again with this post,
Thats very interesting to hear of your experience Nos thats exactly the type of info I'm looking for, safty first always I fully agree and if you cant see where your bow's landing in the next trough I guess it does'nt give you much time for correction, cheers for the info guy's.:)

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