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Rokraider 21 June 2011 18:02

Suzuki 140 2 stroke question
I have just bought a 6.5 metre Porter Renegade that has a 1999 Suzuki 140 2 stroke injected outboard on the back. Anything I need to look out for on these engines or any useful tips?

Nasher 21 June 2011 20:11

Rokraider hi.

Older Suzukis suffer a bit with dodgy wiring, so make sure all the connectors etc are clean.
The 2-stroke oil level sender can also cause issues, but nothing that can't be sorted.

I think they are great engines as they are all so light for their power output, plus the under hood oil tank is more compact.

I buy any spares I need from the states, places like Browns point, as they are so much cheaper than in the UK.

I've got quite a lot information hanging around about them, but am sadly missing a lot of actual wiring diagrams.


Rokraider 21 June 2011 21:23

Thanks Nasher.
I have already found a couple of dodgy connections and rusty pipe clips, but otherwise it seems to run well. it apparently started second go, having been standing for 9 months, so that seems pretty promising. i have ordered a set of plugs and am changing the filters.
Should it have an air filter? At the moment it is open, just breathing whatever is in the engine cover. it is going to be based at HISC where there is a lot of sand blowing around, I would be happier with some kind of filter on the intake.
All I have left to sort out is some play in the steering,which doesn't appear to be adjustable? I also need to sort out the trim / tilt gauge that needs calibrating, it reads about a quarter too high, ie with the engine fully down, it is reading quarter up. I don't know whether it is possible to rotate the switch slightly?

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