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Hightower 05 September 2009 12:25

I swore I would never touch.....
.....Exhausts years ago. I broke that promiss today and have regretting it!

However the sound of a 3.1 TD with no exhaust though my local town was pricless :D

To add to my already busy day, I ended up fixing my fathers Toyota Camry, which we travelled miles just to get some bodges to fix it till Monday :rolleyes:

Simon B 08 September 2009 03:16

Doggypaddle has reccomended a 3" straight through pipe for my Isuzu 2.8 Land Rover project, I just need to find a reasonable exhaust fabricator to take the job on. I already have a Steve Parker 2 1/4" as a pattern.

Though very different from the V8 burble from the 4.6 it'll still have a good sound, apparently!?

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