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Tim M 20 August 2006 20:06

Yarmouth Blast October 1st 2006
Following a really successful end of summer cruise last year (https://www.rib.net/forum/showthread.php?...hlight=october), I thought I would instigate one again this year!

So, who would like to come cruising on Sunday the 1st? The plan will be similar to last year - meet at Calshot late morning (Portsmouth people (including my self) can meet earlier and cruise in company to Calshot), cruise over to Cowes for some refreshments, then a leisurely cruise to Yarmouth for lunch at the Kings Head, then home.

Would be great if we could repeat last year and get lots of boats out on the water. Hopefully the weather will be as good as last years:

Tim :)

benc 20 August 2006 21:13

Count me in!

Tim M 20 August 2006 21:15

Exellent Ben!

Im hoping Jimbo can come in Greyhound. Im sure we can find a crew for the uni rib so thats four boats. Who else? :)

pressman 20 August 2006 22:34

We will be there :thumbs:

Tim M 20 August 2006 23:13


Originally Posted by pressman
We will be there :thumbs:


Andy Moore 21 August 2006 09:20

Count us in. :thumbs:

slimtim 21 August 2006 14:28

I'll probably be up for this, although i guess I would come from yarmouth to cowes and then back to yarmouth again!

benc 21 August 2006 14:38

I guess some of us could continue to cruise around the island afterwards?

Anyone up for it?

ian mcconnell 21 August 2006 15:25

Count me in, (should be finished by then)

AndyB007 21 August 2006 18:51

Might just be able to make this for a change! Also up for a trip 'Round The Island'.


Tim M 21 August 2006 18:55

Exellent. So it sounds like round the island after for those who want to (I could be temped if the weather's nice). If not it'll be round to the needles for a play and then back to Pompey. :cool:

Tim M 24 August 2006 23:12

OK at 7 (possibly 8) boats. There must be more people about that Sunday. Let's make this a good end of seaon cruise (not to mention something to kick the new uni term off which starts the next day :()

Top banana 25 August 2006 20:39

why not . count us in

Tim M 25 August 2006 22:27


Jimbo 26 August 2006 07:29

Yes yes, me too.

Nasher 01 September 2006 19:48

Nashers Big, middle and little will be along hopefully.

Tim M 01 September 2006 20:07

Exellent. Should be a good day out with loads of boats!

So far we have the following people. Could the people with a question mark state how many will be in their boat (along with anyone else who wants to join us) so I can let the pub know for lunch in due course:
Tim M - 2
Benc - 1?
Pressman ?
Andy Moore ?
Slimtim - 1
Ian Mcconnell ?
Top Banana ?
Jimbo 2?
Nasher - 3

pressman 01 September 2006 20:22

Probably 4 :thumbs:

Ian M 01 September 2006 20:29

Sounds like fun; room for one more? Most likely just myself. :thumbs:

CJL 01 September 2006 20:32

Not promising anything but I might be able to make it down.

I'll suggest to a couple of mates as well and see if they want to bring their RIBs as well.


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