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limeydal 17 June 2005 18:27

Off to "Paradise"
Well,not exactly, but to Paradise Cove! :cool:
it's a boat in campsite on the Island of Santa Catalina, 25 miles SW of Los Angeles.
Actually very primative facilities(have to even bring the porta potti ashore) but should be a lot of fun.


Just a little apprehensive about the trip across as will have the family with me(their first long haul) Going early in the morning,but chance of heavy marine layer.(leave any later and the wind picks up and so more chop! )
So charts ready and GPS programmed :thumbs:
As long as we can avoid all the supertankers and cargo vessels going into Long Beach we should be fine.
Hope to get lots of photos and keep our fingers crossed that there are no Sunami's (we have had half a dozen earthquakes in the area in the last week so everyone is freaking out)
Any advice on dealing with a 40foot wall of water heading towards you!!! :eek: :eek: Wonder how a RIB would fare?
Hope to be back for next weekend,
cheers Dal

boatster 17 June 2005 23:20

Good Luck Darrall. So are you launching from Long Beach then?

limeydal 18 June 2005 00:43

Cabrillo ,as you suggested.
Just hope I dont get towed as couldnt get info;on overnight parking.
Leaving first thing monday so will try again sat. to get details
cheers Dal

limeydal 18 June 2005 00:45

OOPs,meant to put this in rib cruising!!! sorry john

< Edit: Whoosh! JK >

The Jackeens 18 June 2005 02:00


Originally Posted by limeydal
Hope to get lots of photos

Looking forward to those :cool:


Any advice on dealing with a 40foot wall of water heading towards you!!! :eek: :eek:
To quote a certain Devon Pacman...

'Don't hold back!!!'

Us :D

limeydal 18 June 2005 10:31

Also will have to check out the other sites for future trips.
Maybe get a RIB adventure organised if we can get a few more members on the West coast :] (as their are group sites available.)


click on the name on the map for details.

cheers Dal

jewels 19 June 2005 10:49

Are we there yet?
Good luck with the RIB trip to Catalina, Darrall...bet the kids are all packed and ready to go! It's "Swallows and Amazons" meets "the Island Of Adventure"!! Enid Blyton eat your heart out!

Don't forget to pack the loo................I take it the place was named "Paradise Cove" before the decision was made to..er....not bother with sanitation! But hey...who needs sanitation..it's only a week.. and Kim will love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a safe journey and post some pics soon!

Julie & Mike

Alan 19 June 2005 20:41

Have a good trip. No advice to offer but just wanted to observe that I actually live in Paradise! www.townofparadise.ca :D

jewels 20 June 2005 03:06

How fascinating living in Paradise! Mind you....you could never move....I mean where do you go from ..Paradise?!!

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