Community Rules
Use the archive
There is a massive archive of information that has built up over many years in the RIBnet forums, and it is all searchable. If you have a question please take some time to search the archive and read previous discussions on the subject before you post. You may find that your question has already been answered, possibly many times.

Write in English
RIBnet is an English language site. Ocasional asides in other languages aren't a problem, but are generally unhelpful for most of the other users. You're not going to be marked for spelling and grammar (although using the spell check is encouraged), but txt spk isn't appreciated.

Post selectively
Consider whether each message you post is actually worth posting. This does not mean that every post has to be dead-pan serious, but that a balance needs to be struck. Having a high post-count doesn't necessarily mean you have a lot to say.

Make sure that what you post is correct
If you make a statement of fact, be prepared to back it up with some evidence. If you are stating an opinion, please make this clear and be prepared for others to disagree with you. Whatever happens, please remain calm and polite at all times.

Use the Private Message system
Please avoid using the forums for personal conversations or two-way discussions that will only be of interest to the two people taking part. The PM system is there for you to use!

Be courteous
RIBnet is a friendly group of like minded people. If someone posts something that you disagree with, then by all means say so but do it politely and rationally. It is also helpful to say why you disagree. If you have to resort to abuse then you have clearly lost the argument. Personal attacks and abuse will not be tolerated and may lead to a suspension of posting rights, or in extreme cases an outright ban. Threats of physical violence, either explicit or implied, are not acceptable on RIBnet.

No whining
Inspired by the no-nonsense approach of the team of rule makers at 24 hours of LeMons we are invoking a version of their rule 2.4 on Whiner Eligibility and any posts deemed to be whining will be removed without notice. Serial offenders will have their posting rights revoked. If you believe that you might be a whiner, please check with a domestic partner, guardian, or health-care professional before posting.

Treat the moderators nicely
You are not here by any right or entitlement, you are here as a guest and the moderators are your hosts. They volunteer a substantial amount of their time to keep the forums running smoothly and deserve your respect. You don't have to agree with them, but if you behave unpleasantly towards them you will find that you are no longer welcome to take part here. If you post inappropriately then your posts may be edited or removed without notice. Please don't argue the toss, it's very unlikely to help.

Commercial Posting
  • RIBnet is primarily non-commercial, with a limited number of exceptions
  • It is acceptable to use your company's web site address as the Home Page URL in your profile. You may also have a link to your web site in your signature.
  • Paid up Trade Members may use the Trade announcements and special offers section to advertise their products and services.
  • Trade Members may also promote their products in other sections where it is relevant to an existing discussion
  • All users may post in the Buy and sell sections, but adverts must be for specific, individual items and not generic product adverts.
  • Only Trade Members may advertise more than two RIBs in any 12 month period, unless previously arranged.
Specific examples of unacceptable commercial posts include:

- Blatant advertising outside the "Trade announcements and special offers" section
- Repetitive posting of the same information
- Unsubstantiated claims or wild marketing hype
- Creating "spoof" users to promote your product
- Generic adverts in the "RIBs for sale" forum

If you use the forums to promote your business or products you are required to join as a Trade Member. Any posts that are deemed to be unsuitable will be removed, and repeat offenders may have their account suspended.

Unless previously agreed, posting under multiple accounts is not permitted, and offending accounts may be merged, deactivated or deleted at the admins' discretion.

If you have any doubt about what you're about to post, please contact us first to avoid any doubt!

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