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  1. extreme engineer
    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for offering some advice,

    The email from the insurers is too long to post here, I have edited it to reduce the size

    We note that when reporting your claim you stated that there were 'no security devices in place' and 'was sitting in your driveway'.

    The policy also states that for crafts that have an excess of 17 knots no claim will be allowed in respect of:

    'Theft of the craft whilst stored unless the theft involves forcible and violent entry or removal, furthermore theft of the trailer, and any insured items attached to it, whilst unattended unless the trailer has been securely fastened by a wheel clamp or hitchlock'.

    We are therefore unable to take your claim any further due to the reasons above. We realise this may come as disappointing news and we would be happy to discuss the claim further should you wish to do so.

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