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  1. MustRib
    Hi Richie...
    I put it up on Ebay the other day.
    Hadnt really thought too much about what price it would make.
    I thought you had a trailer? or are you looking for someone else?
    Its not a swing beam, so its a pain in the ass launching anywhere except a steepish slip, you have to get the trailer a long way in.
    If I was keeping it I would be replacing some of the U bolts, chucking the keel rollers and moving the roller wheels more into the centre of the trailer.
    Biggest thing for me was that it was unbraked and the Rib on that trailer came in at 945 kilos, so didnt fancy being stopped by the police at any point!
    All that said - how much did you want to pay for it ?
    Its over at my house now btw.
  2. richiebrunn
    Hello mustrib was just wondering what sort of price u were asking for the trailer that u had in storage. Thanks Richie

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