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Yamaha Y-cop security system

Has any body used the new Yamaha Y-cop imobiliser/security system that they have fitted to all fuel injection models since the start of the year?

I'm just ordering 4 new Yamaha outboards with the option of either having it activated or left off and wanted to find out from somebody who's used it first hand what they thought of it.

Our boats are used as safety/teaching boats and are used by many different people and clock up a lot of hours so I only want it if it is reliable and simple to use as often a key and kill cord is enough to confuse some of the people!
If I have it activated I can't then have it disabled although I guess we could just not turn it on after using the boat.

My main concern is how waterproof the fobs are as often there is water in the bottom of the boat before people have bailed them out or driven round with the trunk down an I don't want to be continuosly replacing the fobs if they get dropped in water and can't take it. Obviously I could fit auto bilge pumps if it could be a problem but theres always the chance of them being dropped in the water outside the boat aswell which I can't do much about!

Any comments you have on the system would be much appreciated.

Ian from C2 Ribs has already given my his thoughts on how he's found the system to be on his new Ribtec after a seasons use.



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I've not used them on outboards but if they are the same as the Yammie Jetski's the fobs were water proof and floated. We only used it occasionally but they worked ok. For the jetski's they also had a training mode which was activated through the fob, limiting the RPM, so could be usefull if your training.
I think the fobs had a hole through it so you could attach it to the keys. Then they shouldn't get lost, unless you lose the keys aswell.
That is only if they are the same.
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