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Originally Posted by Downhilldai View Post
Now we're getting somewhere. Not right on the money, but close.
That's why I put the date caveat in!

Originally Posted by Downhilldai View Post
Right then, here we go:

The <SNIP> using the old 2-cylinder carb engine for their 25hp.

And people think Yam are superior to Merc......

To put this in perspective, I have owned both Yam & Merc 50 / 60 horse engines of late 70s / early 80s vintage. Engines of both 10 year age difference and make have been serviced using the same copy of Clymer.

The same could be said about Johnson / Suzi these days... When reserching replacement pistons for my rebuild, I found that that the ssme two companies supply everyone..... ever noticed the remarkable similarites in PT units?...... shall I go on?

Bottom line is the badge means very little. The time (date) it was made is the key to the sort of thigs the OP seems to want to know.

As I said, the big decider might be what brands the competent local dealer will service / supply spares for.
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Originally Posted by PeterM View Post
So how come my 2006 yam has EFI ? 'around 2002/3' is irrelavant as its a 2006 engine in question, (as is what they did with a 25hp) - which by this logic was still running 2002/3 tech Efi , where as I think Yam had a 'new' system on thier late 05 and 06 engines - therefore being some 2-3 years newer technology then merc/mariner , yamaha (doubtless) pulled apart all the other engine EFI systems to see what was good and what was not ?
Yam developed their own Efi system around 2006, as they'd fallen out with Merc and probably didn't want to get left behind by continuing to use carbs on their motors, after Merc went to EFi. While I have direct experience of running and working on the Merc Efi system, I don't with the Yam one. In your experience, do you reckon Yam have developed a better EFi system?

'Around 2002/3' was a bit of background info, for those unaware of the history, as was the reference to the 25hp 4-stroke development.

Originally Posted by PeterM View Post
You seem in particularly cantankerous mood DHD
No, this is pretty normal.

9D280's comments are well stated.
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Mercury 40hp 4 stroke

I'm now looking at a 2007 Adventure 400 which has a Mercury 40hp 4 stroke on the back, believed to be 2001-2. Had an overhaul last year at Ron Hale and new carbs to cure a flat spot, but original receipt / other history unavailable.

Am a bit nervous about an older engine, as am not a mechanic - my question is, when did Mercury go EFI, so I can estimate the youngest this engine could be ?
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If you can get the engine number you can work out what year it is .
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