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This may sound like a silly question but I am new to ribbing. I have a 75hp outboard and would like to know how I winterise?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Gaza,

Have a search as this is a topic that gets discussed a lot, especially around this time of year.

Different people like to go to different lengths, if you are new to it then it might pay to (actually) pay to have someone do it for you but watch and learn what/how. There might be a RIB.netter nearby for this and the payment might end up being in liquid form.

It is also often does as a two stage process, ie winterise the engine now for storage and then decommission it in spring. For example I cant see the point in changing spark plugs now when they are just going to sit around for a couple of months - do that at the start of the season.

Anyway, like I say it is a variable beast so have a search through similar threads!

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If it's an Etec, just tell it to Oops! just noticed yours is a Mariner, looks like you'll have to do it the hard way
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Use it through the Winter, I was going to winterise but thought SOD it and will be using it
right up to Xmas and into new year, weather allowing of course.
Either way drain it, fog it, grease joints etc, then get a good service in March time.

But best way is to have some fun now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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No need if you keep using it over winter. There are some glorious days in the winter. I'm intending to use mine most weekends and do a service in the spring
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Have a look on the website. Where do you keep the rib, if its inside like mine and run every now and again, I just service it in Feb and do the common sense things like keep the battery on charge, keep the tank full and every so often turn the flywheel by hand. Fuel stab is also a good idea as it keeps the fuel from absorbing water but kept inside its probably minimal anyway.

Good luck


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