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Urgent advise on Tornado 5.1

I have been looking for a starter rib for about one year in N.Ireland at about £6K. Let me say the choice of second hand 5m is poor over here compared to UK.I have found on net (Apollo Duck site Mourne boatsales) a 5.1 m Tornado(3 years old v good condition) with approx 8 year old 60HP evenrude engine and trailer. Boat seems good but worried about engine.Also only has single seat and I have 2 kids and wife.How much to add extra seating. THEY ARE LOOKING £5.5K for package please advise me is this worth it considering engine age and I will have to increase seating.

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It is difficult to comment on particulr RIBs, as so much depends on the condition, where it has been kept, looked after etc - and engine servicing / use.

There is a Tornado 5.1 on the RIBNet forums with 60HP Mercury, snipe Trailer, GPS/Sounder/Plotter, A Frame etc for £4500

There are many others on that and other sites (Boats & Outboards for one), all at varying prices.

Obviously, living in NI makes it more difficult, but would it be worth a ferry fare to have a look at one or two boats on the mainland?

Or perhaps someone could look at them on your behalf as a starter - the members on here cover most of the country - worth a thought!


Carpe pm
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As Graeme says, it's very difficult to value a RIB without seeing it -- however, if it's in decent condition then this doesn't sound like a bad price.

You are right to be concerned about the engine though, and unless you know your way round outboards I would suggest that you get an engineer to check it over for you.

The condition of an eight year old engine can vary wildly. If it has been looked after it should have plenty of life left in it. If it has been abused or neglected (possibly the more likely option!) then it could give you no end of problems.

If you can find an engineer to check it over for you, then it would be a good investment of a few pounds. You shouldn't really expect any comeback if you do get problems, but it should help you avoid buying a complete lemon!

Fitting extra seats is not cheap unless you are able to make them yourselves. A single jockey seat will set you back about £400, with double bench seats (not really recommended on a small RIB anyway) from about £500.

Outhill manufacture seats and consoles used by various manufacturers and sell direct too. Details at

Good luck!

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Hi Hugh
Just a thought on the seating. I have a ribcraft 4.8 with a console/single jocky seat plus a double jocky sead behind it.
This was built like that from new but they had to put the console right up forward to fit things in.
It might be worth doing a few measurements to see it a second seat will go in, I assume it will be a double, without having to move the console forward. And dont forget to do the measurements with the outboard fully up its supprising how much they come into the boat.

Also think about fuel tanks as if you have a transon drain well, which i think the tornado does, where they will go as you are likley to need at least two.

Regards Gary
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Hi Hugh,

I find that for journeys of around an hour max, wife and kids sit on the tubes holding inside grab ropes with no problem. Also mrs can keep an eye on thekids while i steer! This covers around 90% of situations including skiing, fishing etc.
By the way, if you look south, you'll do a lot of damage as sterling is seriously strong versus euro. One site is Good luck!
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I also have the Ribcraft 4.8 with jockeys for three, but i have double jockey followed by a single. Did you find your 4.8 too be stern heavy with all this weight at the back? I have no A-frame so less weight at the back than there could be!

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Hi this has been for sale for quite a while, I sugesst you look at
in the Republic
do a search on ribs, or as you are in the North contact Tom or Kerry in Redbay Boats they have a yard with some secondhand stuff for sale
I havnt seen the boat except for on line, I know its been advertised for a while, also try near Bangor in NI Pulsar Ribs if you do a search in the gallery using International rib raid 2003 in search box, I think there is a post about Pulsar

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Depending on what type of trips you are planning with the wife & kids, you could always buy something as a starter and then move up?

Are you sure they'll like it?

I bought a Zodiac Yachtline two years ago, it's category c rated (like most small ribs) and it has 'comfy seating for 3' plus room on tubes. It is great for inshore trips in up to Force 4 or 5, but I haven't taken it out in anything more - Meme, who posts on these forums has a Zodiac Medline 1, which I think is virtually the same boat and he seems to take it out in all sorts of muck!

My wife and younger boys like the sunny flat sea day, and taking the Zodiac for 10-15 miles for a picnic. They are not showing any interest in going 'offshore'

My eldest boy has really got into things and has done powerboat 2.

We have bought a more utilitarian rib with jockey seat etc. to go out in the 'rough'.

The engine on my Yachtline is a Johnson 70hp VRO two stroke - It is 1988 and I can only say that it hasn't let us down in two years.

It gets serviced each year, and nicely flushed with fresh water each time we go out. I often use it as a rescue boat for the local dinghies, as it's much more comfy for sitting around watching!

I would suggest you try something like this if you are really going for 'family outings', if you think your guys will want 2-3 hours getting wet and battered, then get a jockey seated cat b boat.

Oh yes, my Yachtline is for sale elsewhere on this site if you're interested at all? (and for less than your budget!)

I have also dropped you a PM



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