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Country: UK - England
Boat name: Little Wing
Make: Searider 5.4
Length: 5m +
Engine: Tohatsu 90
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God, I love this site, always something going on. Keith, your mail box is full. Will be down at upton wed or thurs this week. will confirm on tues. Anyone else up for it. Nice cruise up the river and a pub lunch.
Me and my mate Jonjo were here not so long back. We were on a quiet stretch of the river tucked into an overhang. Jonjo was having a quiet fish . I was lounging, contemplating how to blag the hyuscat from the welsh fella, enjoying my last castella. Jonjo's piggy eyes were fixed on his float, ears cocked for the encouraging bleeps from the fishfinder. I had forgotten to tell him it was in demo mode, but never mind, he was happy. Suddenly, the fire brigade rib appeared from nowhere, doing 30 knots with a wake like the severn bore. Three yellerlegs on board, faces set in steely determination, as though they were on a desperate life saving mission when every bugger on the river knew they were playing about. Jonjo nearly went overboard, his rod went a bit further than nearly. But even worse, my last precious cigar hit the wet deck and expired with a soft hiss. Jonjo fixed me with his piggy eyes and without a word passing between us we knew instinctively what had to be done. The Q boat attacked stealthily from behind. (well as stealthy as you can with a Yam 115 howling away.) We buzzed their portside doing 40 knots, and came to a halt in front of them with a neatly executed handbrake turn. "Morning lads" says I, " Where's the fire?". " Errr... Errr... jus practisin" said the boss squirter. A gentle discussion took place about the lost rod and precious stogie. By mutual agreement we all retired to the riverside pub at Upton where the cigar was replaced and Jonjo was kept happy with a steady supply of beers. " Shame about the rod " I said. Jonjo replied, " Not really, I only paid two quid for it at the Fire station bring and buy sale". God, some people.
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Country: UK - Scotland
Town: Highlands
Boat name: Quicksilver
Make: Quicksilver
Length: 3m +
Engine: Mariner 15hp
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Hi David (

When I was on the 7 last we saw a fast Rib, it was either the 'not happy unless they are bashing a door down' boys or the 7 rescue boat. Anyway I tried to call them on the vhf (living dangerously - no licence) but got no reply.
Later that day we were parked up by the pub at Upton and they came back again. I waived and indicated my radio. 'Heven't got one', they shouted back. A chap painting this long metal boat thing looked at me and said, 'Good job they haven't got to rescue anyone then!' Then he just carried on slapping paint on his metal hull.

Well, does it matter - they were having FUN.

Once every 5 weeks I get two weekends off on the trot. Would you pigging believe it, I get an offer of a trip on the river and it just happens to be that very week that I am at work every weekday! Any other days planned? Pretty please.

Keith has anyone seen my brackets Hart

PS I've emptied my inbox now
Small boat - BIG truck
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