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I am interested in buying a share in a RIB.
Has anybody any experience of buying a share in a RIB.

As I live inland to buy a RIB for say 9000 and have it sitting in my drive for most of the year seems a waste of money.

I thought if 3 or 4 like minded people bought one between us and shared costs we could have a higher performance RIB and considerably less cost.

Does any one know of such a syndicate or have you any interest in starting one.


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There are some professional shared ownership schemes for boats, but none that I have come across for RIBs. This would mean setting up your own scheme, and it will be vital to make sure that you a proper agreement drawn up.

Here is some food for thought from someone considering a similar idea, for a canal boat. The detail will be different, but the concepts are sound.

There are interesting threads in uk.rec.waterways here and here

When you are looking for potential partners, you could try and also joining BIBOA and putting a nitice in RIBlines, the club mag.

Hope this helps

John Kennett

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